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Date: September 27, 2022

13 thoughts on “Vivienx live webcams for YOU!

  1. Yeah, let that one go. Revealing that it’s you would just make everyone feels a bit awkward. I’d just say I found it at a yard sale and the origins are unknown.

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  3. Oh no please don't change your beautiful skin. The problem isn't you, it is that you are around low quality people. Good people wouldn't even think to exclude someone because they are too dark.

    Dark skin is so beautiful and has so many amazing benefits. I hope you remember to love it.

  4. If he won't change, this relationship isn't sustainable.

    The only way he is going to change is if he can understand that lack of hygiene is a problem.

    If you can't help him understand this, then you may need to seek the help of a professional, if he's open to it.

  5. Or, because that's his first thought about you, ask him how often he thinks about fucking his own sister if he has one. I feel sick too.

  6. It sounds like she is purposely distancing to give you time and space to get professional help. Instead of dwelling on her hitting pause, take steps to address your well being. She is probably relieved you finally admitted your truth. Now instead of playing the “I won't share my feelings again” card, learn what else is in your hand.

  7. How does it make you feel knowing that if I cut something off my wife while she slept, hell if I did anything while she slept other than cover her or kiss her, I would be terrified of her the next morning?

  8. Tbh if that was happening I wouldn’t even try to block the noise out, I feel like I’d be frozen in fascination ?

  9. I think that’s the key. A lot of the hardest laughs I’ve had was from my friends doing/thinking things that were DUMB! Being silly = being dumb. I laughed until I cried when I realized my extremely intelligent father didn’t know that fish and birds sleep. The funniest things are always the most unexpected, dumbest things. You need to lean into it. Get high, get dumb. Laugh at yourself being dumb.

  10. He’s never kissed you, called you by a term of endearment, did couple-y things, etc. to make it explicit he thinks you’re dating until NOW? Does he really think couples go an entire year without any of that?

    None of that makes sense. He’s either testing the water, pranking you, psychotic, or there’s stuff being left out. Regardless you need to have a conversation with him.

    I hope you keep us updated.

  11. I think this is exactly what happened. Anyone that tells you you're lucky to have them is trying to sell an asymmetric power dynamic in their favour.

  12. The fact that your comment is just kind, and you still get massively downvoted, just shows how toxic reddit's leftwing extremism is

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