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  1. I would start making you and the baby priority. Take the baby out on walks, store runs, family/friends house. Make a plan, maybe move on your own when it makes sense or with parents? I would do nothing to raise suspicion to him, if that's how you feel. Make a plan, spend less time, and when you think of him, think of all the reasons it can't possibly work for you and your little one. Decisions will be easier when you have no feelings attached. Good luck!

  2. He didn’t manipulate you. He was hinting that you were not being a good husband, but instead of actually talking to either of them you ran to a divorce lawyer so you could “win”. She wasn’t expecting divorce bc she wasn’t yet she was just unhappy and your friend picked up on it.

  3. You’re a month in and he’s already disrespecting you (and women in general by calling them hoes) and not behaving in a way that makes you feel safe in the relationship. He’s already showing his true self and for that you could thank him and then immediately dump him.

  4. This is abusive. How dare he? It's your body. He doesn't get to choose when you carry and birth another human being.

    He's not joking, he's controlling but you have said that you are seeing red flags. They're Bright red OP.

  5. You do NOT have to give blow jobs to ANYBODY EVER.

    He should NOT be pressuring YOU to do that for him.

    BUT….if he needs blowjobs in his sex life, that is 100% valid. And he SHOUD be breaking up with you so that he can find someone he is sexually compatible with.

    If he ever pressures you or mopes around about this again, I highly suggest just breaking up. You both will be happier in the long run with finding better sexual matches.

    I know it’s hard when you feel everything else is “perfect”. But sexual compatibility is just as important as all of the other obvious major dealbreakers.

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