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Date: September 25, 2022

33 thoughts on “Lori Bauer live webcams for YOU!

  1. In the big picture, this conflict is not only about your bf hanging out with his pedophile cousin. It’s not only your bf lying to you for years. The real problem is that your bf and his entire family have normalized and excused a 30-year-old man raping a child. Why is this person at family gatherings instead of in PRISON? Because your bf’s family has completely fucked up values, which is to say, they don’t value girls or their safety or their well-being at all. And neither does your boyfriend, OP. He called you ridiculous for objecting to child rape.

    I would not waste another minute with this guy, OP. You and your future hypothetical daughters are not safe with him and his family.

  2. It sounds like she wasn’t ready to be in a relationship and chose to be in one anyway, despite needing to heal from her past. It is not and never was your responsibility to heal her. And you did nothing wrong by breaking up with her.

    Breakups are normal, and it sounds like you breaking up with her is fully justified. Life is too short to be in a situation you’re unhappy in. Plus, you two were not together for long at all. There’s nothing wrong with cutting your losses and being honest with her. It would be unfair for you to continue the relationship with her if you knew it wasn’t working. You did the right thing, op. Don’t worry about it!

  3. While you are free to set boundaries over what you want with your kids, your boundaries are quite conservative and may not be shared with everyone.

    In particular, your refusal to shower with your kids is concerning. As a father, I have taken hundreds of baths and showers with my daughter (and son, for that matter). Once they are too big for a baby tub it is the most efficient way to clean them without letting them drown, and my wife has other shit to do sometimes.

    If you have never done it, I can tell you there isn’t anything sexual about showering or bathing with your kids. It can be frustrating – for example, at one point my daughter took a water dump in the bath which the bubbles hid until I put my hand in it – but if you can stop from murdering them most of the time then you will be fine. It can be good for bonding, it forces you to interact without electronics, and you can ensure your kids briefly have clean asses before the next “event”.

  4. I think that kinda shows the type of person she is. Taking a break and IMMEDIATELY fucks someone else. That doesn’t seem like the actions of someone that loves another.

  5. He may not have consciously decided to play games, it might feel very genuine to him, but he is absolutely using manipulative tactics. At a guess, he wanted to see a big reaction as a way to “prove” your feelings.

  6. Your boyfriends concerns sound sincere. You shouldn’t get off BC because you start using condoms. Both aren’t 100% and it makes sense to stay on both. It’s good your being honest about your feelings on abortion but perhaps you guys should stop having sex for a bit while you figure this out. He should get to feel comfortable and you need to respect his wants. Maybe your not compatible anymore due to the desires of both of you. I think his feelings and wanting to be double safe should win out if breaking up isn’t something you want to do.

  7. What everyone else thinks is cheating is irrelevant. She said she considered it cheating and you agreed with her.

    16 days man. Come on 16 days and you couldn’t do that? She just had 2 babies, her body is all out of sorts and you choose now to break a boundary she made very clear?

  8. I disagree i think it’s unusual and weird in western societies to penalise someone by kicking them out of the club or social group because of a one time intrusion by the opposite sex partner.

    You say we don’t know what had happened previously, yes we don’t but in the absence of further info from op we should assume that nothing noteworthy has occurred, if op wants to elaborate on past occurrences of her bf feeling his social space is being violated then we can take it into consideration.

    If my bf was so precious about time his friends I would find it strange, and I have tagged alone at times. Also he is welcome to join when I see my friends I met before I connected with him, plus we have friends we’ve made together in the time we have been together and that’s fun too. I’m not ashamed of him or of the way I feel about him and I would feel pretty bad I I felt he needed to hide me/how he felt about me to his friends

  9. I have struggled with weight the opposite way and really had to get on board with “food is fuel”. It’s due to my meds for a chronic illness. I enjoy cooking and I enjoy eating but I can go for days without anything substantial if my partner rejects my plan for dinner and says he’s not hungry because he went to Burger King or something. That’s what I meant by offensive.

    Like, I menu plan for the week, do the grocery shop and then a few days a week he’s all “oh we went to the buffet” and I am annoyed because I need to effing eat.

    Having a small piece of candy here or there isn’t an issue to me. But if you’re making weight loss a focal point then grabbing candy instead of a piece of fruit or something probably seems weird to him.

    You might think about getting a bottle of grapefruit wedges or mandarin oranges or cherries or…something sweet but not candy.

    I dunno.

    End of the day you just need to tell him to keep his comments to himself. I have only once said something to my partner and it was Monday after 2 days where he did afternoon fast food and didn’t want dinner. I didn’t want to waste so I just didn’t make dinner and ate some nuts and cheese. I told him Monday that I needed a real meal and that if he was going to have a big lunch no problem but I had to make real food.

    We don’t ever argue about it. It’s just that lately he has all of these dietary restrictions he wants me to accommodate, then I do, then he doesn’t want to eat.

  10. Help her out around the house more, have more infancy (without sex) cuddling, hand holding, massages etc, tell her you appreciate her and all she does for your family.

  11. Just going to toss this out there. Me saying shit to another guy is an escalation, and I'd be going into that with the assumption that I'm about to get my ass kicked or worse.

  12. Do you have more bathrooms in the house? Tell him to use only one bathroom and let him be responsible for his own feces. That is disgusting to be cleaning a grown ass man after he defecates

  13. I’ve been with someone who reacted too strongly even when you’re trying to keep a cap on your own stress. Here are my questions: were you being contained in your response at all already, for fearing her reaction in the first place? And is it common for her feelings to be more important, and her reactions to be bigger, even when it’s you whose going through something?

    This doesn’t sit right and I get you questioning.

  14. Change who you are? Screw that! Continue being awesome. He sounds inferior to you and wants to make himself feel better by trying to knock you down a few pegs. Don’t allow him to do that to you—you don’t deserve it…and he doesn’t deserve you.

  15. I hope that’s not the case. I never responded to that and ignored her demands and went to the gym this morning. She texted me multiple times and called me 4 times which ignored. She finally ended with –

    “You can’t even respond to that? I’m literally in the same area as you are right now and toure not even respecting anything I said”

    I ignored that

    Then – “ Honestly for my peace of mind you could tell me if the gym is covered, if you want your things and if you’re going in the mornings now. So I don’t have to contact the manager and explain to him why I’m cancelling or need to Thanks”

    And then – “ Got it. I will figure it out then. Take care. “

  16. I’d be upset too that’s weird as hell for him to bring up. And the way he reacted after you (rightfully) got upset??? ????

  17. it’s weird that you were 28 hanging out with an 18-year-old. that’s like her hanging out with an eight-year-old.

    i’m a pretty big Weeb, and I know that there are some weird relationships in that community, but you definitely need to hang out with people your own age.

  18. I wouldn't judge someone as terrible because they are less private then you.

    I'm a guy and I definitely know no way more about my woman friends sex lives then my guy friends, but I wouldn't say any of them are bad people, or you know I wouldn't be friends with them.

    In my experience women in general just tend to share more about their lives, and sex is a part of that life

  19. He is falling into a black hole. Don’t let him pull you in too. This is your life and you have to live it.

    There are suicide hotlines and supports he can call. He could check himself into a hospital. You aren’t the only thing keeping him alive.

    He may actually do better when you’re gone.

  20. She probably waited until they were married and he was “stuck” before bringing her true self out.

  21. This sounds like a grass-is-greener situation to me.

    But you are right about one thing, loving someone isn’t enough if you both aren’t actively choosing your partner. It sounds like neither of you have been choosing each other for quite some time. You’re currently having an emotional affair that’s probably about to go further than that if you don’t step away now.

    If you and your wife aren’t going to pursue counseling, you should at least have this discussion with your wife. Or show her this post, because I’d imagine you probably haven’t laid it out to her the way you will when you can remain anonymous. She’s either checked out and this will be the end for the two of you, or you’ll both wake up and start getting your collective shit together to work your way through this as a team.

  22. It honestly has nothing to do with you, unless they break up, and then you have to navigate holidays. It's extremely selfish to expect two people who have connected to be alone out of some odd sense of propriety.

  23. LDR's are a real challenge and usually don't work very well. This one sounds fishy to me. What's the point of limiting yourself to a nonexistent social life if the LDR is making you unhappy? It seems time to move on.

  24. These claims are easily verified, perhaps it would be wise to check them out before torpedoing your marriage because of what an ex says

  25. A lawyer told me what my job did is illegal but they want 3 people and a 1000$ to start a case. If I am illegally being underpaid I quit.

    Dude, this is so short-sighted of you. You would have been compensated far more than $1000 for your job forcing the entire company to work 20 hours a week of illegal unpaid overtime. You could probably also have found a lawyer willing to take a portion of the settlement instead of a retainer since this sounds like a fairly slam-dunk case.

    You are a grown man with children to feed and clothe. You need to stop being impulsive and consider the long-term ramifications of your actions.

  26. You can’t make someone see your side, if she wants to be able to have “sleepovers” with males then the relationship won’t work. That’s not reasonable in a monogamous relationship. Sounds like she is fucking other guys or thinks about it or just doesn’t understand why it’s not okay. No matter what the reason, just end the relationship and find someone else. It’s not worth it at your age, trust me. I got out of a 5 year relationship that I started when I was 18. I wish I left after year 1, so many red flags.

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