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Date: September 29, 2022

8 thoughts on “Kimm_Turner live webcams for YOU!

  1. Don't meet him. If he's this manipulative BEFORE the first date then nothing good can come of it.

    You'll be stuck 2 hours from home with only his company. Bad bad idea.

  2. That's a huge breach of trust by lying by omission at the least. I would certainly have to rethink the relationship. What's his plan to pay the debt off? Is he assuming your combined incomes will be used?

  3. I’ve never understood “one thing lead to another.” What exactly lead to you losing your clothes? Were you just getting pounded in your bed?

    I can’t really say I know what it’s like to be drunk. So please elaborate. But in the meantime, you shouldn’t let this really fantastic trip that your boyfriend I’m sure put a lot of hard work into stop you from coming clean.

  4. No you're right it was probably up until just after Christmas that things were good, we had a really lovely Christmas, and it felt like he was planning to stick around because he bought all his gear for a ski holiday we had planned in march. Then things went south a couple of weeks into January.

    The conversations throughout have been quite prolonged but with very little said if that makes sense, lots of tears on his part and long silences. When he asked to separate it was literally blurted out when we were just checking in with eachother about how things are, and then it was more of the tears and long silences. He struggles massively to articulate his feelings (and acknowledges this himself) when he is feeling this low and just says he isn't excited about the thought of the future together.

    I'm at my parents and he's planning to go home to his family for a couple of weeks at the weekend (they live far away). It feels final for him I think, we didn't make an agreement about contact. We own our house together so he's having a think about what he wants to do with the house so I guess we'll speak when he's back but we didn't specifically plan when.

    Thank you for saying I'm owed more of an explanation, I really appreciate that because I was starting to feel crazy about it and thinking maybe I just needed to accept it even though it makes no sense to me

  5. This happened June 2020, which was at the immediate start of the pandemic when they didn’t have proper testing, it was a large unknown.

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