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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. withholding money big red flag ! it only gets worst i promise – i grew up in an abusive household so trust me when i say y’all’s kids will catch on to the dynamics and will subconsciously repeat the pattern. i hope you can meet yourself with the love and respect every person deserves!!

  2. No not pressured around him at all, just annoyed she constant deferred to him about a place I live in.

    We talked about random stuff, like my city, in the first couple of days but never “caught up” with each other's lives. I thought for the road trip we'd have time to do that, but it was a silent car ride the whole way.

  3. He is in a full blown relationship with someone else and you want to work it out? You asked him to listen to the convo and he refused?

    End it, get tested, find hobbies and friends and move on. How can you trust him, continue the relationship meanwhile looking at yourself in the mirror while hurting your own self because of, “love?” Meanwhile, he didn't value you, respected or honored your relationship enough to be faithful and even though you're giving him a second chance, he couldn't do the basic thing of proving to you that he ended it? OP, don't do it to yourself. Don't hurt yourself like he hurts you. He's not worth it. I know you're looking at time, but for 1 1/2 years he's been committed to 4 hour drives, lies and hotels with another woman. And she's the only one you know of. It's time to take back your life and love you enough to walk away. He's for the streets. He's told you for 1 1/2 years through his actions, not words, ACTIONS that the relationship is over and he will stomp on your boundaries. I'm so sorry OP.

  4. I have read through your comments on this post, and I have decided that you might be the most based woman on planet earth. I don't know how to help you deal with your husband's perspective on the fight, but I eagerly look forward to more updates.

  5. This sounds like a post from a younger person. If I’m wrong I apologize when I was young I was very trim. I got headaches all the time so have her try a few things. Protein sometime in the evening. If she doesn’t eat meat have a drink, a protein drink. I noticed once I got pregnant and got decent protein. I didn’t get headaches as much in fact once I got pregnant I didn’t have one headache for like a year and a half. And never as bad anymore as when I was young try the protein early in the evening. Eating a little protein or having a protein drink just powder and milk actually help me sleep better. Just not too late. I would say somewhere between five and seven.

  6. Heh, my girlfriend is similar. A bunch of her friends were talking about how you can reach up and remove an IUD yourself. She was like maybe you can.

  7. Why did you create a new account just to post the same thing you posted yesterday?

    Just take the advice given to you yesterday and move forward.

  8. I’m not sure what you’re looking for with this post. Input? Opinions? You’re both fucked up. She’s emotionally immature and self-centered. You’re a stalker and obsessive. For someone who wishes to enter the field of mental health, I was surprised I did not read anything about you being in therapy and discussing the issues with your therapist. This is above reddits pay grade. You need to put in serious work with professionals to move on from this and to help with you now abusing meds.

    Good luck.

  9. You did nothing wrong in getting the abortion. If he's going to think less of you for it, he's not compatible with you. And he's also an asshole.

  10. Hi for deliveries if you mention that you can come downstairs did to a disability they will deliver to your door. I do this for my mother also there maybe homecare available for you or community groups that can help with drives and groceries.

  11. you need to leave this man. i'm so sorry you are dealing with this. your sister was a child and he likely groomed her for quite some time.

  12. I’ve honestly lost respect for him after he gave me such a weak answer. Reading these comments has made it clear that it’s not normal for all men to get off on womens’ pain, but so many do, so many I know do, and I almost figured I’d just have to live with it.

    At this point, I’d also like to give more background that he has in fact been penetrated by me before, and he has little to no pain or discomfort when I’ve done it (with a toy that’s actually larger than he is). Take that information and do what you will with it.

    To those of you that think I should be fine with any fantasy because it’s just fantasy, what do you tell yourself when the larger context of porn is violence and degradation against women by men? “It’s taboo,” “It’s fake,” “It’s consensual—“ violence against women is so damn commonplace, it feels strange to even call it “taboo.” The porn industry is notably exploitative of teenage girls and women in general, and consent is obviously the most important thing, but does no one else have a bug in their brain about their male partners’ likelihood of fantasizing about either hurting them or strangers online?

    This post was never really meant to be “I’m worried my husband will hurt me,” more like “I can’t sleep at night knowing my husband can dehumanize women online and I don’t understand how that supposedly has no transfer to how he can/wants to treat me.”

    We discussed more of his kinks last night out of curiosity, and he’s very, very into the idea of having TOTAL control of another person. Now, this is something I could get behind under the right circumstances, but what keeps me up at night is anything involving internal pain, (painal), psychological torment (he’s also into “mind control” hentai and having no control of your body type stuff), “mindbreak” (I have no qualms with this one and would be thrilled to be experiencing so much pleasure that my brain turns to mush), and rape.

    To those of you kindly dissecting this and suggesting gels/other threads for me, thank you, please continue. To those of you who told me I’m wasting my husband’s time and he’ll leave me for someone “normal,” cool, awesome, so mature and helpful.

    Please, I really just need insight at this point. I feel like I don’t know the man I married, or I was at least too accepting of things that I really can’t process.

  13. As an intellectually average ass introvert who used to use the “I hate people/stupid people” to get out of doing public things, I think something else is going on here.

    I “hated” people because I didn't want to go out when I was single. I would rather have optimized myself/living environment rather than being social because being social can be draining for me.

    Now that I have an extroverted GF, I actually find myself craving our dates nights – a movie, a dinner at some cheap (as cheap as it can get) restaurant, etc.


    Because going out allows me to connect to my GF on a level we never would have connected otherwise and I find that interesting. I get to see her choose her outfit (6 times), smile when I look at her across the dinner table, create weird conversations. The overstimulating social setting forces me to focus MORE on her and what she's saying (not that I don't focus on her when we're alone).

    There's definitely more at play here in my opinion. There may be social settings he's not that OK with like sporting events, but he seriously won't sit and watch a movie with you at a movie theater?

  14. Yeah you’re right. I’m weighing standing up for what I believe in vs having somewhere safe to sleep at night in a crazy just realized my life is a joke kind of way. I do need a therapist right about now. Sorry

  15. 100% agree with this. I was in a very similar situation with my partner getting annoyed that I kept, “bringing up the past,” but the past was used as an example for the way they were still behaving.

    An apology doesn’t mean much if nothing changes afterwards.

  16. Great sex isn’t about experience, it’s about communication. Sure, you’ll be learning, but that’s better than someone with lots of experience who just does their thing and doesn’t take care of their partner. Stay tuned into her and you’ll be fine.

  17. Read some Reddit cheating stories and infidelity. When people cheat it destroys the other person I’m not talking about hurting your feelings. It does that too. Some have even killed themselves. Read Debbie and Hector. Debbie eventually hung her self. People are destroyed by infidelity they can’t work they can’t eat they can’t sleep, so when you want to develop feelings for her, imagine what would happen if you did acted on it, and her boyfriend found out. Think of somebody besides yourself this is a character issue.

  18. Nah it’s cool as long as it’s for a valid reason. Being overly emotional and crying at the drop of a hat is generally just annoying no matter the gender.

    Most girls I run into irl say being able to cry and show those emotions makes them have more respect for the man. Me personally as a male I feel like being able to understand your own emotions and express yourself properly is part of becoming a complete person.

    If you ever run into a girl that gets turned off by a man showing natural human, that shouldn’t be the girl for you

  19. If he hates all other women except you, he probably either will hate you or already does. He certainly has no respect for you.

    He probably spent quarantine on the internet listening to misogynist assholes who gave him the brain worms. This would definitely be a deal breaker for me.

  20. I completely agree and most things that she said are creepy are stuff from hentai so like millions of people have read or have written

  21. Yeah I get that but that's the risk… you might have thought it was genuine but it wasn't… cheating cuts deep.

  22. The people in the comments have such a low bar for women it's astounding, if a man did this you would be down his throat yo admit it. This is crazy

  23. I did say something like the once but she said “you shouldn't ask a artist what to draw and when to draw” ….. I didn't say anything after that

  24. You do what mankind has done for thousands of years. Explore the wild nature around you and begin to expand into possibly hurtful but rich experiences.

    You break up, you go no contact, block and feel like shit for a couple of weeks, cry and weep because you lost someone, learn to forgive yourself to let yourself be disrespected, learn to pull the saftycord sooner once it happens again, become a great communicator, find new love (you will!) and move on with your life.

  25. Okay, so the fact she invited you to Melbourne made me feel like she wanted to be open and introduce you, but I get why you'd be uncomfortable when she's not even introduced you in your own home. Once you said no, I don't think she'd need to cancel, but I think a meal in a group is one thing and going out boozing is another. Then for her to know your feelings and be on a break and plan a one on one without inviting you again is insensitive and disrespectful. She's acting like she's rebelling out of spite at this point but you had opportunities to express yourself better and be involved.

    I'd ask to have a very transparent discussion where you both try to see things from each other's pov.

  26. i can assure you i am not a troll, my instagram is angelbyytz you can see both me and my partner on there and i have a 3 year post history so i’m very sorry to inform you this is very real and i’m in a very difficult situation rn that idk how to escape from, women’s shelters won’t take me because i’m trans my family is abusive and there’s just really no escape this post is more of a vent

  27. Honestly. After that husband of the female cop who fucked half the department said he was sticking by her side. I don’t underestimate anyone anymore

  28. This is actually similar to another issue that pops up here often, paternity tests.

    It's almost like someone saw an opportunity to reverse gender outrage on Reddit and made up a story.

  29. It does sound like she's sabotaging you. It also sounds like she doesn't care about you moving forward in your education. Time to make some tough choices.

  30. A couple of questions? At his age, he's still letting him mom make his decisions? And, what is more important, your relationship or a wedding? Quit pressuring the guy and work on whatever is going on between the two of you. Or, the three of you if you count his mom.

  31. Look, here's the thing. There's no rush to get back together right? I mean yeah it feels like shit right now but so it should. A crap thing happened.

    Give yourself and your gf some time and space. Let the dust settle a little bit and see what happens. Because she doesn't need to be in a relationship with you to change. She can do that on her own.

  32. Thank you! It's just mind-blowing to me because I wasn't expecting this at all, and I really didn't want a relationship!! He pulled it out of me . . . but he has his own issues he has to deal with, I think I am just going to have to move on.

  33. Wait—did he say anything about it? How did she treat you? How was he after? Did you say anything to him?

  34. What do you call people who use the rhythm method of contraception? Parents. It sounds like your gf is trying to babytrap you

  35. You should do whatever man, you are not going to marry this woman, you both sound super immature, just do what you feel like doing.

  36. Probably should break up with him for your own sanity. You deserve security in your relationships and trying to fix him won’t work. Talk to him first and make your feelings clear and if it goes poorly again you know what to do

  37. First of all, I sympathize. I know, personally, how soul destroying it is to stay in a relationship with someone that has little-to-no respect for you, and I would recommend doing something about it – even if that means that the relationship ends. Being around someone that finds fault with every little thing you do, that ignores your boundaries and has one-sided expectations of you will completely erode your self-esteem – and no amount of catering, bending over, or coddling will make it better. If you don't enforce boundaries, and explain your true feelings to her – she will never change her behaviour, and will more likely continue to treat you worse and worse.

    That being said, a healthy relationship is one that is built on mutual respect, trust, love, and support. If you lose one of those pillars, things degrade. Lose more than one, and it accelerates. If your partner doesn't respect your boundaries, the relationship will end one way or another. If you don't support their growth and evolution, they will eventually figure out that they're stuck, and leave. If you don't trust your partner to honor the marriage, it's doomed.

    Right now, you feel that your wife doesn't respect you – ask yourself this: if that never changed, would you be content to continue your life like this indefinitely? If the answer is no, then something has to change. Otherwise, all you're doing is putting off the inevitable.

    If I have to take an early call (before 9am) with Europe or late call with Japan she throws a fit because she has to manage the kids alone.

    Okay – that sounds irritating to have to deal with. Not all jobs are 9-5. Sometimes, we have to do things on weekends, or before or after normal working hours. In a supportive relationship, both parties recognize this and deal with it like adults. Are these “out of band” requirements frequent? Is it 3 days out of five? or the majority of weekends? Does your job interfere unduly with you managing your household and relationship responsibilities? What expectations does your wife have of the marriage in this area? Do you know? or do you just get blasted for doing anything that is outside of the 9-5 timeframe?

    I mean, I get it – she wants someone to help her with the kids. But you also say that you do a lot with them on the regular – cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc. Is it possible that your perception and hers are at odds? Has she explained WHY she feels you're an absent father? Or is it just something that she throws out when you have other responsibilities to deal with? As always, having clear, adult communications about problems is the first step towards solving them. What does she expect from you, and what responsibilities does she expect to shoulder in the relationship? It sounds like what you expect, and what she expects are at odds – and the only way to solve for that is by talking about it with your partner.

    Now, the whole situation re: expensive gifts sounds obnoxious, honestly. I was raised to appreciate gifts, not to expect them. Someone that “expects expensive gifts” just screams entitlement, and makes them unattractive in my eyes. YMMV, obviously. Now, obviously, this is only a small snippet of your relationship, and I have no idea what she's like otherwise – but she sounds incredibly demanding, entitled, and her expectations and way of relating to you sounds like it's already eroding the relationship.

    As for how you tell her it's wearing on you – my advice would be to have a sit down meeting with her, when the kids are asleep/not around, and lay it out in a similar way that you've laid it out here. How would you approach an entitled and demanding work colleague? Try to remove the blame from the conversation as much as you can, and use a lot of “I feel…” statements when you talk about the situation. Remember – in the end, she's not MAKING you feel anything – she's doing her own thing, and you're having an emotional reaction to it. You are feeling the way you feel due to your own history, expectations, and ego. e.g. “When you get angry at me for having to have an early call with Europe, I feel like you don't respect the demands of my job” or “When you tell me you expect a certain gift from me, I feel like you focus on the money that I make, and not on the person that I am”.

    To be fair, it's also possible that your perception of the split of responsibilities in the relationship is out of whack too – there are far too many people out there that think that they're contributing mightily to a relationship while their partners feel abandoned by them. A simple example of that is the difference in undestanding between men and women about the effort involved in parenting. Men tend to have a far more hands-off take on parenting – which necessarily puts the load on women. These men tend to want kudos and high fives for “watching their kids on a weekend” – while blithely ignoring that their wife spends vast amounts of emotional and cognitive energy dealing with the kids, guiding them on how to handle their emotions, responsibilities, homework, etc. I'm not saying that you're not trying – but do you really understand what your wife does with the kids on the daily? Is it possible that you are assuming that things that she does are easy, and things that you do are exceptional?

    In the end, this is not an easy situation to deal with, especially with kids in the mix. Have some hard conversations with your wife and reset both of your expectations, and explicitly set boundaries for both of you – but be prepared to have things not go the way that you want them to. After all, what kind of example would you be setting for your kids if you stayed with her, she didn't change, and they saw you continuously be belittled/disrespected/shamed by her? What lessons would that teach them?

    Good luck, OP – I hope you find your peace again soon.

  38. I’m a little more concerned that she’s tweeting him back and now she refuses to delete him. There is some thing going on there even if it’s just her liking the attention.

  39. The poo smell could be that he's awful at wiping.

    Or not cleaning himself at all. Op says it only smells that badly the first night they're together so he could just not be taking care of himself properly since there's “no point” when Op isn't around.

  40. No, I don't want my name on there before we get married! His name would be put on my house and vice versa after being married. And I actually have more assets than him, plus a better-paying job, so I'm not a gold digger 🙂 It's more of the principle of the thing, combining assets once married. He couldn't buy his car without his mom's help, so….

  41. He is not in therapy. He refuses to consider it as he claims it will not work.

    From my point of view he is not showing accountability because he won't even let me view the past credit card statements (I got them anyways) to see the full impact. He also has forbidden me from telling anybody about this because of saving face.

    His solution is for me to just keep him in check by looking at the statements each month. I guess I will be some prison warden.

    My accounts are completely separate back in my home country. I don't even have a bank account in my name in the USA… im waiting on some ITIN number which is basically an SSN.

    My parents are a few hours drive away in my home country and I have my savings so I am fine unless he somehow propels us into actual debt.

    Other than his financial infidelity, he is a great guy. Notice how I said infidelity…. I honestly don't even know which would be worse at this point. Cheating on me with another woman or this financial bomb…. that will always be ticking for the rest of my life.

  42. I don’t know what to suggest besides postponing this engagement. You can’t get married like this!

  43. Obviously the issue is both of you so this experiment is stupid. A one night stand is new, fresh, and sexy – of course you would be way more apt to bring the hammer down lmao. Wtf

  44. Do ittt. I have an aunt who did this and she and her own dorky IT husband have been married for 20+ years.

  45. Won't necessarily blow up your marriage. Therapy isn't magic. It's not a spell you say and all your hang ups go and you're forgiven every wrong, real or imagined.

    You might come out of therapy and split up.

  46. You are, I pity the woman that is this desperate, she won’t find what she’s looking for with him.

  47. He literally never gave any indications that he was against marriage, and I have been so happy with him that I was willing to be patient and not rush or pressure him.

  48. If he would like another girls pictures and he knows her and he also liked mine I would not have cared trust me

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