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Date: September 24, 2022

12 thoughts on “SussanaLopez

  1. I come from a super liberal, feminist family, the only male child with three sisters. The idea of someone taking my name always felt awkward to me, so I left the decision to my wife, who chose to hyphenate. I did everything I could to make sure she knew it absolutely wasn't expected of me. My sisters all hyphenated, and like most people who do it's kind of interchangeable. They use their maiden name for academic purposes (like my wife does for professional) and usually hyphenate otherwise. Although it's not consistent. The most interesting case is my oldest niece, who took her mom's last name.

  2. There's no argument, though? Breaking up is uniliteral. “I've decided to do this, these are my plans, I won't be discussing this anymore with you.”

  3. Pretend nothing ever happened. If he brings it up treat it as an awkward but funny happenstance that doesn't matter (which it is)

  4. OP had trapped one of them in a room

    Pfft… If you break into someone else's home in the middle of the night, you trapped yourself there.

  5. It sounds to me like you're just being loud and obnoxious when gaming with friends. You said she doesn't mind if you play single player games or she's preoccupied with something else.

    Maybe she needs an outlet of her own. A creative class? A gym membership?

    Maybe some soundproofing?

  6. I agree, i think how long OP and his girlfriend have dated, and how long ago the ‘action’ took place are important details.

    Op and girlfriend have been dating 3 months and the hand job happened 10 years ago? No big deal to me.

    Op and girlfriend have been date 2 years, and the handjob happened 1 year prior… Yeah that’s a long time for her not to say anything and I’d wonder why she’s keeping secret.

  7. Yeah right. The early 30's female can GUARANTEE me, that the sole reason men desire virgins is…

    This was an odd choice of rhetoric, what was the reason for bringing up the commenter's demographic? It reads like we're supposed to see this as a reason to dismiss her points, but why would it matter so much that she's an early 30s female making them that that's what you led with?

  8. You clearly don't though, because if you did you wouldn't still be on here. You would be telling the truth and then getting some help for yourself

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