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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Regardless of your reasons you did abandon him. So he wasn’t worth fighting for in your opinion. Why would you listen to that advice without getting a second opinion. You are a complete stranger and need to be patient and show the kid you aren’t going to leave him again and slowly get to know him and let him know you.

    And side note, your wife wasn’t allowed to hang out with her male friends? Sounds controlling to me

  2. I have read that therapy can actually be really bad for abusive people. Which makes sense to me, therapy only works if you want to get better. If on the other hand you want learn how to use therapy words into manipulating your partner and hiding the abuse from other people, therapy is going to be great for that

  3. What the everloving fuck i am 37 and I’ve only clogged a toilet once in my lifetime and it was because i accidentally pushed my tampon out as well as i sure as fuck wasn’t about to go fishing. ONCE OR TWICE A MONTH?!? I would revolt.

  4. My girlfriend believes that her mom will come around, and I think that’s one of the main issues. I don’t feel that way, and everything else points to her mom never accepting me as family. Eventually, she’ll have to accept things and make a decision. I do think her basically saying “if you can’t accept him, then I don’t want you to be a part of her life” would force her mom to change her tune and actually try, but I don’t want her to resort to that… and neither does she, since that is a low blow and her mom will feel the way she feels.

    My girlfriend is basically hurting herself indirectly because I’m actively feeding in her mom’s insecurities whether I talk to her or not, and the main thing her mom was worried about was whether her daughter was going to see her anymore or not.

    My girlfriend doesn’t want kids, so that’s not an issue thankfully, since I think it’s make things worse.

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