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Date: October 1, 2022

11 thoughts on “LanniDurand live webcams for YOU!

  1. Dude has serious porn addiction and he’s gonna have to work through it himself (which he obviously is!) but you should stop standing in his way. Move on to someone with a little more time (and less dick) on their hands

  2. He told you what he wants. I think you should kindly break up, make it clear that you are both free agents and that getting together later may or may not be negotiated in the future.

  3. So, the question I would have for anyone who blames their behavior on their mental health is, what happens next time there is an episode? It's not like the problems go away. Can you deal with the next 5 episodes where she develops an interest in another guy? What is to say that won't happen?

    I'm not saying break up. I'm saying go to counseling and discuss that until you are comfortable before getting engaged.

  4. Ok, ejaculating in your mouth after promising not to is a hard NO (though not the same level as rape). Demanding a sex act he knows you don't like is extremely disrespectful and a hard NO. Changing his mind based on whomever he's speaking to at the time makes him someone whose opinions and words can't be trusted. Can you really respect a person like this?

  5. I think you’re focusing on the wrong thing here in terms of your assumption of what could happen in the future, but it’s honestly irrelevant here.

    Let’s put things into perspective. You had a fight resulting in you blocking him. That’s certainly an unhealthy way to handle a fight.

    Then you get a notification from a random who’s inappropriate. We obviously learn it’s his friend. So there’s two things from there; first, you’ve been together for nearly a year and you’re unaware of an obviously close friend of his? That’s odd. Not saying you’re the problem there to be clear.

    Second, to tie into my first statement, I wouldn’t even remotely be thinking about the concern that if your boyfriend did this then he probably has or will share private things of you. Now, of course the might be true, but specific to this event, he gave his friend your Snapchat username. Out of context, I wouldn’t see that as even remotely an issue.

    However, in context, it’s inappropriate and unacceptable because of the reason it happened. He wasn’t just giving out your information and giving the go ahead to ask for pictures. I assure you that he asked his friend to add you and then ask for pictures as some sort of test. That’s your boyfriend being an insecure asshole. It’s him telling you he doesn’t trust you. Now THAT should certainly be a deal breaker.

    You then say you don’t trust him. That’s the end of it. Healthy relationships don’t work without trust and neither of you trust each other. But I think you’re overreacting to be worried that he’s going to share huge things because he shared a username. It’s quite a stretch. Good luck.

  6. The general assumption is that you're making this up.

    If you're not…

    Accept you likely cannot fix it or have any sort of relationship with your daughter.

  7. Mother of God, please give me the confidence of a mediocre white man, so I can use it to better the world. Amen.

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