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Date: September 29, 2022

5 thoughts on “Salomme Cruz live webcams for YOU!

  1. Um .. who texts their dad about how hot his new stepmom is? The fact that dad married a hot young thing and your BF admires that and you are significantly younger than he is suggests a pattern in that family. I know you don’t want to talk about it but it’s clearly a factor.

  2. She met you when you were 19… how much “abuser history” does she think you could have possibly racked up by age 19? Or that there would be a background searchable record of it if you did?

    If she has this little trust in you after 6 years of knowing one another and 5 years of dating, I don't see that this relationship has anywhere to go. She and her friend can be single together, but I bet if you leave, she's going to call your refusal to participate in her nonsense proof that you were an abuser and pretend to be a victim like her friend.

  3. It's more than just being nice to make me feel good. Irs the fact he went really out of his way to hide something that I was already honest and upfront about. I was actively losing when we met and I was happy and proud about it.

    I don't think its a white lie to go out of your way to try and stop more weight loss to turn around and say different two years in when I'm actually less weight now.

    Compliments or reassurance is one thing and well intended but he really went ham on the fact he wanted me not to lose weight.

    Now a random day in 2023 that was always fake and never true? Literally hours before we had sex and he was holding my belly and telling me he loved me and my body. Then he snaps that I'm never going to be that hot? It doesn't add up I'm sorry.

  4. Listen to your instincts. Do not follow through with this if you feel unsure. Do not make a decision you may regret

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