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Open wide this fucking asshole and spread it while I’m riding you [Multi Goal]

Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Coming from a therapist here: does she have any other obsession/compulsion tendencies? Hair picking is a huge one- if she is spending that much time a day assessing it and picking, she likely needs some help. The hard part is that she is likely to be defensive due to it being such a sensitive topic. I would try to find a good time, and sit her down for a conversation. When you approach it- use lots of “I” statements rather than “you” statements (I am worried about your skin and your health, I am concerned about your self-confidence when it comes to your facial hair and picking; rather than you do this you do that). You could suggest couples counseling for just general communication issues and then bring it up with the therapist to bridge communication as well. I hope this helps!!

  2. “Welcome to the Republican’s way of punishing women for being sexually assaulted”

    “Do you have a source on this?”

    I provided an example. Yes, Louisiana is a red state. That was exactly the point. If you have examples of blue states doing this to women, please feel free to share and add them to the list.

  3. I’m not even touching your suggestion that she was having an affair,

    Is it not possible that she was, though?

  4. You’re assuming the emotions here are fear, shame, rejection but that’s not necessarily true. You can absolutely love your partner and think they’re gorgeous, while thinking some outfits and some details don’t look the best on them. Why is it bad to point that out? If my gf told me a certain outfit didn’t look the best on me, I would change it because I prefer looking good to her. But if I still wore the same outfit she wouldn’t reject me or shame me for it. So it wouldn’t be because I want to avoid that. It’s not about avoiding rejection but about increasing the attraction, if that makes sense. And it’s not because I fear losing attraction but because I love getting more of it. Expecting your partner to think you look just as good no matter what you do 100% of the time and never point it out sounds pretty ignorant to me.

  5. She wanted to date him and kept you around as a backup plan. He didn't work out and now she's with you. It's a pretty shitty situation

  6. I’m assuming he is not in the wedding, but if there’s a group fitting at some point maybe you could invite him? You and your groomsmen would be the traditional group but some people add the fathers and immediate male relatives. That way you know if he bought a suit or if he’s doubling down, and you could have your group react with you like “no dude that’s not ok, we will not let you in” if it goes that way. Maybe the collective disapproval would carry more weight than just you over the phone.

  7. I advise you not to get your hopes up on finding a relationship without making some major changes to your outlook and attitude. There is no magic set of steps to follow to ‘get’ a girlfriend.

  8. I've known for 3 weeks. I've been over this for 3 weeks. It's been at the top of my mind for 3 weeks. Point is, I've thought about this thoroughly and have decided that I do not want an abortion and i would like to have my baby.

  9. Every man struggles with the work/life balance. Many pour more energy into work because it gives them the satisfaction of being a good provider. Those guys need a reality check once in a while.

    And of course it's hard. If it wasn't it probably wouldn't be worth it.

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