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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Two weeks is often the maximum, then I can start to get off medication for calming down heart that I had to start eating since I have starter to get already easily chest pains from these constant emotional roller coasters and feelings of guilt when I without intending to do anything wrong always seem to make some “mistake” that she feels spoiled everything. It is hard. But on good days she is sweet as long as I don't do anything that triggers her. She hugs, speaks softly, likes to do things together hand in hand, etc. And then BAM, all changes and naturally it's always because of something I did or said so wrong and it's not a moment but all day or days and whatever I spent last money to make her happy with is suddenly worth nothing and I'm not ever even sure if she will forgive me or run away the final time this time

  2. You both need therapy, separately and maybe together too. She is very obviously depressed and you seem burned out from everything. That’s normal and okay, as long as you don’t act on your intrusive thoughts and essentially fuck up what appears to be an otherwise good relationship.

    Medical residencies are absolutely grueling, and she needs care. From her partner and from a professional. If you planned on getting married, one of the general vows of that is “for better or for worse” etc. This sounds like a really tough time but do remember that if you do ultimately end things, you’ll likely just be wondering “what if” you didn’t. The grass is always greener, my dude. My husband and I went through immensely difficult personal times while we dated and just before living together, but for us that just made us so much stronger as a couple.

    Relationships can be hard! But obviously you already spent six years with this person, and there are no guarantees that you will find someone “better”. It’s true that relationships can become stagnant, but this post sounds different to me. I would seriously try multiple avenues before ending things just yet, but that’s just me.

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