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Date: October 2, 2022

19 thoughts on “kiaaralive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. How is he with you when you need him (you’re sick, upset, exhausted, ect.) ? Some people just don’t like animals but will be fine with children. You really need to think if this behavior is only towards animals or if he shows these traits in other circumstances as well.

  2. Who's name is on the lease?

    If your name is on the lease? Tell her to move out. Her name? Then just move out. Both? Talk to landlord to break lease as it's not worth staying in an apartment for 5 months.

    “she has the right” and you have the right to not live with her.

  3. Atleast you know now that your boyfriend doesn't really care about you. He couldn't even pretend to care and comfort you at your friends funeral.

  4. Many women’s in their late 20s are seriously dating in hopes of it ending in marriage

    Especially if they see multiple kids in their future. Marriage isn't a prerequisite to having kids but if he isn't ready for marriage (and doesnt know if he ever will be), he likely isn't ready for kids either and hanging around hoping he'll change his mind isn't an option if you want a big family.

  5. Why don't you just… communicate with her?? Be reassure her, of course, but let her know that changes have to be made. That you still love her just as much, but you need your “you time”. Half of the less serious disputes on this sub would be solved if people were more willing to communicate honestly.

  6. Staying home and cooking for him because he worked hard in grad school? I'll have to tell my gf she's got to go out more and isn't allowed to cook then

  7. it’s the other way around

    What do you mean by this exactly? Is your partner overly suspicious and jealous?

  8. It's probably not. Sounds to me like she won't show any remorse. I'm the type who'd wait forever to see if she reached out to me to apologize.

  9. The fact that he can be so nice to me other times confuses me. Sometimes when I say it feels like he doesn’t care, he lists things like how he comforts me over finding a job or helps me when i pass out and things and says that he clearly does care and im being unfair and harsh

  10. So she encourages you to take in your son but she’s ripping your 4 other children away from you? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever

  11. LMAO what are you looking for here? You did a bad thing with someone who did the same thing to you.

    No sympathy for cheaters. You reap what you sow.

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