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  1. +1!!! Bumping this bc OP a properly fitted titanium bar is essential for healing! I’ve had one of my rings reject when I thought it was early enough to switch from a bar and it was the biggest regret of my life and still not fully healed / normal looking after years

  2. I know it’s a me problem. I know I need to work on it, ik I need help. I’m more than willing to get the help, I spent most of the day today looking into getting myself help.

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  4. Imagine starting a post saying “I’m really in love with him”, followed by THIS description of how her bf acts when OP needs to be hospitalized. Like, you’re in love with THIS guy? This one in the above post??

  5. Hardly a red flag. “She knows better” lul what?!? Some people don't correlate nudity with sexuality. It's just a difference in beliefs. For him, it may be crossing boundaries and so they are incompatible. But dont attack the women just because your beliefs dont align.

  6. I think 1.because I saw and faced a lot of abuse as a child so it's familiar (I have PTSD) 2. He has been hammering into my brain that he only treats me this way because I do deserve it and that it's because of how awful I've been to him (like when I call the cops or try to leave him) And after Being told this so consistently it makes my memory and feelings feel sort of unreliable.

    Talking it out in therapy always helps, but the thoughts still ring.

  7. All you can do is get on as much assistance as possible, and when the child is born, go to court for child support.

    He doesn't care about you and is going to be AWOL with the child. Better to start accepting this now.

  8. Google “bids for attention” in relationships and love languages. Both deal with this issue, so maybe exploring articles on those topics might give you more clarity as to how to discuss the issues with him, or if it’s best to move on.

  9. I met my long-term partner at work, and while we've been working together successfully and maintaining our relationship successfully too for years and yearsat this point, I will still say this:

    If I had met him somewhere else and now had to make this decision, I would never actively have sought out a job in the same department in the same company as my partner.

    There are certain benefits to working at the same place, e.g. getting to see each other “in action” and admiring that, knowing the context of each other's work and the people involved, and so on, but there are also a lot of things which are hard and require a certain level of compartmentalization. And a lot of those things are normal everyday things one would otherwise take for granted and can't overcome without exceptional communication skills.

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