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Date: September 28, 2022

10 thoughts on “Squishy Booty live webcams for YOU!

  1. You aren’t solving problems with temporary fixes. That’s just avoidance.

    The constant fighting means it’s time to end it. A happy relationship doesn’t have constantly unresolved conflict.

    Any relationship you have is supposed to have good times. It’s not unique feature to your relationship. That doesn’t outweigh the problems.

  2. Man, you've been dealt a tough deck. It doesn't sound like you're happy at all in your current situation so I'd say try to get a stable income and look into getting your own place to live (away from toxic family members and this guy you were forced to marry).

    Once you've figured out where to live and you're financially independent divorce that guy. You're just going to get bitter and resentful in the long run if you're forced to stay with him.

    I wish you all the luck and strength in the world, hopefully you can build a life you can be happy in.

  3. This fucker is an attention seeking man child. His whole life everyone has allowed him to be a fuckwit and get away with it. I would let him come and embarrass the shit out of him in front of everyone. Literally tell everyone to ignore him. Not just the videographer and photographer, how does your fiancé feel about him stealing the spotlight from her (weddings are usually about the bride looking beautiful etc..) Tell him if he doesn’t respect you and your request he will never ever have your respect your friendship and your help in future life. He sounds like a fucking loser tbh. I can’t find king stand “practical jokers” It’s just a nice way of saying abusive cunt.

  4. Everyone needs to stop enabling sisters bad behavior, she'll never stop if people just keep accepting it.

  5. Then he goes out. He's sexually assaulting you. It's never okey to act with someone who said no, ESPECIALLY multiple times and with victim blaming.

    He doesn't lose control. He just ear you and doesn't care. That's abuse and it's not your duty to help or support him in it.

  6. “You're going to upset more than just him?”

    That's why you yourself aren't ready for the kind of relationship and strength that's required to walk away from anything that doesn't serve you.

    It's not about your dad and pls don't introduce guys to your family unless you know for sure you're compatible.

    You didn't ask your dad permission to date this guy and you certainly don't need his permission to end it.

  7. You can't make him understand. He is an abusive man who knows exactly what he is doing… he didn't want you to have a degree or friends or family so he could control you better, make you 100% dependent on him.

    I know it’s not his fault

    It is though. Telling people they “can't” go to class or work is psycho shit.

    He's not going to change but you can and should leave.

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