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Make me feel wet with your vibes , ???

Date: September 27, 2022

12 thoughts on “A N T O N I A live webcams for YOU!

  1. Tbh it’s not in the DSM-V or the ICD 10.

    That of course doesn’t mean it isn’t real, but as it currently stands there is not enough evidence that it is a distinct disorder to include it in either.

  2. As somebody who has learned from a longer-ish life……..don't “write off” family members unless it's absolutely necessary(physical danger, interfering in marriages, etc). They aren't writing you off, just because you have a different type of life than what they have.

    Be careful though with other comments. Reddit is FULL of knee-jerk “break up culture”……….this is including breaking up families as well. It's the go-to response. A cousin could accidently trip you and you would have tons of people say “go no contact”. That's an exaggeration, but I hope you get the gist.

  3. I was thinking it, you said it lmao. But honestly I do appreciate getting a guys perspective. Even if their comment seems to be a bit angry. ?‍♀️

  4. this morning

    Do some dudes really expect a vagina to be as fresh as a rose in the morning? Tell him to check himself. Vagina gets morning breath too ?

  5. I agree with you in principle, but I also think it takes time to understand the specific circumstances of someone’s single parenting, in the same way as it takes time to understand anyone’s specific circumstances. You can be OK with someone being a single parent, and even like the idea of a ready-made family, but not necessarily some of the ancillary things that come with that.

    It sounds to me that there were complexities here that only became evident as the relationship got more involved.

  6. If she’s acting like that she simply can’t handle any situation. This is not a person you should be with. Someone crying is in distress and she simply acted like she it was not ok for a man to cry. Not cool

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