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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. You got your message across but I’d leave her alone and focus on your husband. He’s the one that got married and committed to you, he’s the one “cheating”, he takes most of the blame. She doesn’t have any loyalty to you, while he has all of it.

  2. He’s serious enough about his faith to require his children to be raised Catholic, and as a Catholic, divorce is a sin, and it can mean giving up the Sacraments and being in relationships/married for the rest of your life if an annulment isn’t granted. The Church has to investigate and determine a valid marriage never happened. I can understand why he is wary of making a mistake. Why is it so important that you get engaged and married this year? Getting engaged after 2 yrs of dating might be ok for some but it’s still really quick for a lot of people- especially one who belongs to a faith where divorce is considered a mortal sin. I would suggest stop pushing for a quick engagement and get into relationship/premarital counseling to make sure you’re compatible for the long haul and that you’re on the same page about your future and timeline for commitment.

  3. It’s because it’s not real. No rational human would marry someone they don’t trust. Very very few marry before 25. The median is 28.6 for women. It’s masturbatory hypothetical bullshit

  4. Now answer me, why would she change? She doesnt treat you with respect, she doesnt care to satisfy you and even then you do EVERYTHING for her, you already went to her crying about how she makes you feel like shit, and even after all that, you doesnt make a ultimatum, you in fact dont do nothing about, she can treat you like shit and gets away with it and nothing happens to her, why would she change?

    Grow some spine, stand up for yourself and kick her out of your life, you call yourself ''succesfull'' and even then you let her treat you like shit lol

  5. In that entire wall of text, you've failed to mention what comments he made specifically that were so disrespectful. No one can give you proper advice without this information. It's possible your boyfriend failed to stand up for you, it's also possible you're blowing this out of proportion.

  6. Lol she remember why do you think she tried to gaslight you and when it didn’t work she has been ignoring you ever since because she knows either you will break and crawl back to her or she is going to message you in a day or two realize that she can’t gaslight you and you are movin on

  7. True but OP falling for someone else when things are rough…… just seems like her fiancé knew her pretty well.

  8. You need to move out as soon as possible. Your dad sounds like he’s terrible with boundaries, has no respect for you or your girlfriend and is abusive. You should also look at the sub r/raisedbynarcissists I would not be surprised if you read things on there that resonate with you and your situation.

    Get away from this man and get therapy!

  9. Correct. They're on the same level as the comments that her so called partner delivers. These are an example.

  10. Don't worry so much about pleasing your hubby and more on satisfying yourself. Based on your hesitation and admitting that you have no interest in other men, it sounds like you have no interest in sexual activity with a man other than your husband, but you're afraid to say no for fear of damaging your marriage.

    If your husband loved you, he would respect your limits and stop attempting to pressure you into having sexual relations with others.

    Since you two entered the marriage as monogamous (assuming), and he wants to open it up in the midst of it, I honestly believe this is not a good decision. Most of the time, one partner desires to sleep around while the other remains faithful to them, but this situation is the opposite. However, like the latter, there are a lot of potential pitfalls in this scenario. It's possible that he could make it a habit and could ask you to watch while he sleeps with someone else. He might want to take it to the next level and demand that you sleep with guys that neither you nor he knows. Or if your husband sees that you enjoy having sex with his friend than with him, he can grow jealous, withdraw, desire to end the relationship, or tell everyone and accuse you of cheating or saying it was your decision to sleep with his friend while he watched. Anything.

    One Reddit post was quite similar to yours, except that the husband wanted to start 'sharing his wife' because all of his friends were sharing their wives with each other and others. To his colleagues and coworkers' chagrin, he continued to insist that his wife was interested despite her protests. In response, one of them approached her from behind and began to feel her up and grope her; she stabbed him with a butter knife. A panic ensued, and the man kept insisting that they could touch her because her husband had given permission, saying it was okay. Because he valued getting off more than he respected her and her boundaries, she ultimately left him with their children.

    You need to be 100% sure that this is what you want to do before proceeding, and if you aren't, it needs to be made apparent. Because the more you play it off, the more adamant he will become, and your husband and his friend might make a move since you never outwardly rejected the idea and only laughed it off.

  11. Obviously he's not wrong that you're too young to make a lifelong decision like who to marry. But engagements aren't legally binding and more of them are broken than actually commence to marriage. So as long as you're not planning to get married until you're old enough (and more importantly, your brain is fully developed) at 25+ there's no huge risk in calling your engaged if you want to. Just make it a very long engagement. Good luck

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