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Date: September 24, 2022

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  2. Well well well, if it isn the consequences of his actions…

    You have a really cruddy friend btw, I wouldnt sleep with the partner of ANY of my friends (or even their crushes, thats some psychopath type behavior) and yoru husband also sucks, but we've already established this.

    Tell husband that youre as happy as he was when he first started with your best friend and you didnt stand in his way, so why is he standing in yours?

    And then for the future… just how invested are you in your husband because while we dont know you, for a relationship to go from monogamy then open because of the worry of cheating…so you open it so it wouldnt be cheating, just… something youve allowed… which you werent comfortable with initially… thats not something id recommend to someone I cared for and maybe you should think on this. Your current friend with benefits doesnt have to be your next future long term partner, but this story doesnt need to end here for you.

    Your husband wanted to change the relationship and you agreed, now that he no longer benefits and you do, he wants to undo it. Those arent the actions of someone who cares about you. Please think on this.

  3. Make sure none of the bills are under your name.

    Pack up your bags.

    Leave thru the door.

    Never look back.

  4. Can I ask some questions? First of all, this sounds really distressing and scary and I'm sorry this happened.

    How often does she drink? What does it look like when she does?

    Is there a reason she ended up absolutely trashed while she was with you?

    Has she received any help for her trauma before, like therapy or a support group?

    Do you have permission to go through her phone?

    What was on her phone and why was it so pressing to wake her up for?

    Have there been any other incidents in your relationship in which she's had a trauma reaction because she was triggered by something?

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