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Make me smile [Goal Race]

Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. I guess I'm just disappointed in my mom. I was cheated on by my first real love and it hurt so bad. My husband was hurt badly by what his mom did, but his dad made it worse. I guess I'm just disappointed.

  2. Find out where he lives and surprise him and his wife and family and kids and see that you have nothing to worry about.

  3. That will not make his gut reaction to this change. It's beyond reason.

    From many guys POV, they aren't going to be able to happily commit to a woman who his friends and family have had sex with.

    “but that's _______”

    Doesn't matter.

  4. First you need to run, second, you need to call the police and have them perform a welfare check on a suicidal individual. And you need to make sure you run far

  5. Here's what I would do: I'd send your BIL a text or email (whatever you prefer) reiterating the dress code for the wedding and reminding him that a clown suit is not appropriate. Be firm but polite about it. If he shows up in a clown suit anyway, then I think you should ask him to leave. It might be uncomfortable, but you have to stand your ground here. This is your wedding, after all, and you should be able to celebrate it without any unnecessary drama.

  6. I trust my wife implicitly in all things. That's why I married her. She trusts me implicitly in all things. That's why she married me.

    I'd never, ever be in a marriage without that level of mutual trust.

  7. My friend once dating this guy she spent all her time with, except Sunday nights when she had dinner with her family.

    Imagine our surprise when we ran into his Sunday girlfriend. She thought he could only see her Sundays because of his work schedule.

    Cheaters always find a way.

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