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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Bumble is one of the few dating apps that has a feature entirely dedicated to just finding friends in your area so that could be what she’s doing but it’s worth bringing up in a non confrontational manner. Communication is key

  2. What could repeatedly talking negatively about her ex help her to avoid? Would you be more receptive to her venting if she talked about and owned her anger, hurt, disappointment and fear? I imagine you would, because you seem to empathize with her. Instead of asking her to stop talking negatively about him, encourage her to talk about her own feelings/pain. Ask her if she blames herself. Initiate a real conversation with her. Open the door so she can walk through her pain. Many people in western society are taught to feel ashamed of their feelings. And it doesn't help that we often hear “get over it already!” Just provide a safe foundation for her, and she will do the rest. Think of a difficult time in your own life, and talk about your anger, hurt, disappointment and fear. If you cried during your grief, tell her. It will allow her to soften into her own sadness. And you will have taught her a valuable tool for life, regardless if you advance into a relationship or not.

  3. OP, why don't you just go visit your Mom and her husband, instead of them coming to your place? It seems like that would be the easiest solution.

  4. True but in your case your partner is actively uncomfortable communicating with you and is trying to distance himself from the relationship. Unfortunately time alone isn't going to fix that.

  5. I'm single and dating and the “crazy baby mama” drama is a red flag. Just cause I'm a single parent, too. So I feel for the baby mama.

  6. Yeah. My engagement ring was 2k. It's a very nice, classic ring.

    I don't understand wanting to spend several months salary on a ring because of tradition. If we're talking tradition, how much dowery does she come with?

    I think the bigger problem here is that your financial values might not be aligned. You need to sit down and talk about other future expenses and finances and make sure your views align before talking any further about ring shopping.

  7. “I was emotionally abusive in my relationship with my ex”

    You’re using your diagnosis as an excuse for this behavior? You’re an abuser with a personality disorder. Doesn’t justify it excuse the abuse.

    She’s asked you to leave her alone! The very least you could do is respect that!

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