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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. yeah, but also it's really hard, because he's my main support system, and we always have the best time together, and attend all kinds of events and stuff, and have plans made for things months from now. it's also become a habit, i usually write all sorts of random thoughts i have during the day, and we'll have all kinds of philosophical discussions that really mentally recharge me. and it's hard knowing i'll have to give up the most fun part of my life…

    he also helped me stay out of drugs and addictive patterns, which were my usual method of coping with the lack of warmth and positive social interaction with people and i have no idea what i'm gonna have to replace that with now… and i know it sounds like i'm making excuses, but it's a very complex intertwining of things and if it wasn't for my brain being this way, this would just be the best friendship i could ask for.

    i wanna talk to him about this too, and we kinda started but it was interrupted so no conclusions were reached, but his initial response when i said i feel like i should stop communication was that it seems like a bad idea to cut off contact instead of just resolving the thought pattern. and idk, i see a point in that also…

  2. phew. thank god she is willing to make promises regarding the 'intentional' and 'on purpose' stuff.

    i see no reason to mistrust such genuine statements. nevermind all the 'unintentional' things, like mistakes, that can hurt you and a relationship

  3. The mature way to handle this is to have a conversation and say “i really like you but i need to take this slower.” Of course he couldn’t believe that you liked him. You were constantly rejecting him and playing games isn’t a healthy way to start a relationship

    Were you together when he did this? Or had you broken up with him by rejecting him? If it’s the former, why would you want to date someone who handles conflict by cheating on you?

    Again, you change relationship dynamics through communication and empathy, not through mind games that make someone believe you don’t give a shit about them. Your feelings are one thing, but you actively fucked with his in order to protect your own rather than just… talking to him.

    Again, did he actually dump her or just promise to dump her by getting back together with you? There’s a difference bc one is him having a “back up”

    You don’t trust him, he probably doesn’t trust you given how you fucked with his head rather than just talking to him

    The point here: Neither of you is mature enough to be in any relationship and getting back together will only end with both of you miserable bc of this immaturity. For fuck’s sake though leave this other girl out of it and don’t follow her on instagram or whatever. Maybe work on your own issues that led to you playing mind games rather than having a simple conversation

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