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Date: September 27, 2022

10 thoughts on “A I S H A live webcams for YOU!

  1. Glad your update says you are running away, and glad you asked for advice. But depending where you live, 17 is a minor and it’s ILLEGAL for a 27 year old man to be involved in any way at all. As everybody else says, that is grooming. It’s too bad your friends think it is cool because if they find themselves in that situation, it could end in disaster. You’ll find the right person. Don’t be in a hurry.

  2. Seriously, you gotta get over your insecurity.. because I promise you it will drive your partner away. I've been down this road before myself.. I'm just below average, and I obsessed about it.. it was one of many insecurities that drove her away. Women like men who are secure above all. And being good with your hands and tongue helps as well lol.

  3. She chose him because she wanted to or because the other people weren't respecting her as she wanted them to (using her for sex)? Was it out of choice or out of need??? There are mistakes and then they are behaviours like hers!!! That is not a mistake that is manipulation. It is not a minor mistake it is a manipulation. It is not a small mistake it is a huge disregard of the person you are talking with. If she respected him in the first place she would have said “I am seeing other people”. That would give him the freedom or to do the same, or to wait, or to move on from her. She didn't give him any freedom she was making the choices for him. For that reason he is sooo disgusted and angry at her…she wasn't honest and she was manipulating him. And do you know something that everyone hates? Manipulation!!!!

  4. I get it, but I disagree.

    There is no “how to adult” handbook. We all have gaps in our knowledge that can seem childish and stupid to other people.

    Having crushes on people (even when you are in a relationship) is normal. It can happen due to a multitude of reasons. Some people who are mature enough to realise this, can handle that feeling on their own.

    But still there are some people who are going to feel extremely guilty about this. They'll drive themselves mad by thinking that they are cheating on their partner. Such people can't handle it on their own and feel the need to confess.

    People are different. Some people are good at tact and boundaries. Some people aren't. Asking for help isn't failure, it's a smart move. She knew she couldn't handle it alone and asked for her partner's help.

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