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Date: October 1, 2022

17 thoughts on “Penelope-lewis live webcams for YOU!

  1. You were baby sitting his child while he was having sex with his ex wife. This comes after weeks of being mean to you or distant. There is no option but for you to leave.

  2. I mean it’s true, I’m awful with confrontation and yes I will need to suck it up and communicate the issue but I would also like insight on why this keeps happening to me 🙁 like I would love for it to not happen at all rather than having to combat this behavior so often.

  3. If you consider him a child then that’s it going to help you. He has zero incentive to leave or care.

    What is the magic financial goal to leave. That’s simple math. (How much you save monthly) X (number of months) = financial goal. If that equals years you can’t handle then that’s your answer.

    Versus how much to move and rent.

    No one wants to rent but the market is high right now and mental health is way more important.

  4. No you see that’s not what I meant by that. I meant because there is no deadline or goals she’s in no rush to resolve her issue clearly she wants to stay in the US like I said I’m all about helping others but does that justify they stay in your apartment and vape all day and take their sweet time figuring out their lives. I know being dislocated from home must be horrible and I was glad to help but there’s seems to be no progress and I feel like there are aspects that’s cross the line when you’re in a relationship. You can help others while still respecting your own personal life.

  5. She wanted to see in person so I did. But you are right I shouldn't have .she kissed me when I tried breaking it off

    I wasn't mature either about it all

    You're right.

    Had my friend over that night and ig that's it. Thanks for your advice m8

    I needed someone to give me the reality of it

  6. My sister tells me this and the more she says it, the more it makes sense. But, he’s been trying for a year so I just don’t know. Like, why would it be worth it to someone like him to keep going for that long

  7. I’m almost more angry about the age difference than the cheating. I mean it is, its disgusting

  8. He’s probably not compatible with you sexually. He’s much older than you and in a very different stage in life.

    He’s trying to get some sexual needs met, but this isn’t the way to approach that at all. His approach is a bit weird/gross in the way he asked. Don’t get guilt tripped into giving him anything you’re not comfortable doing.

    You can go a few ways here. Open relationships are a thing, but his possessive comment is just gross. If you don’t want that kind of relationship, tell him. If he doesn’t respect that, you should leave.

    If you do end up splitting, keep working on you. Sexual trauma can take a lifetime of healing. You deserve someone who respects you and your boundaries.

  9. That is emotional abuse. Being ignored is very abusive.

    You should not stay with someone who thinks it is normal to “punish” a partner. It isn’t their job to punish you. You are an adult.

  10. Having hoe friends like Hannah is a red flag.

    Going on a trip with bunch of dudes including guy who cheated on his wife is another red flag.

    If you would have some common sense and respect to your bf you wouldn't even have stupid ideas like going on this trip. It's like slitting in his face.

    You are 28 years old. If you want to have some future with your bf how about you actually thing about what you are doing.

    In what light it puts you in and if what you are doing is considering your partner.

    In place of your boyfriend I would serisuly question if you are right person to be in relationship with just because you considered going there and put yourself in situation that is really big challanger for his trust to you.

  11. So try and interrupt your brain. I met a guy at a festival, we hung out for like 10 days and then poof, gone. I became a bit obsessed. I never looked for him properly because it was obvious that we didn’t exchange information for a reason. It was very obvious that it was a short time fling. But after a couple of months I started to actively stop those thoughts about the good time we had. It went from bothering me to just becoming a memory from a summer.

  12. Why are you concerned about her feelings? She let another man make porn with her. Figure it out guy.

  13. But if you trust her then you trust she will knock any advances out of the ballpark. So wtf are you worried about? Like I said, everyone deserves freedom of friendship and trust (unless they're untrustworthy in which case you shouldn't be with them).

  14. That is a clear cut sign to fuck right off IMO.

    Its not overly rare for a SO to have conflicts with their spouses family… However, it is the person whose family it is, to iron out the issues.

    You shouldn't be expected to deal with this crap, your BF should be taking it upon himself to make you feel comfortable with his family.

    Instead, you're getting the:

    It's fine, just ignore it. Suck it up and deal with it.

    That would be disapointing to hear from my partner.

    I would not be investing in someone who cannot defend my name to their family when the family is the problem.

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