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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. If the mom's couch surfing now, I wonder if this is the kind of instability the daughter had to grow up with at least part of the time. (Please correct me if i'm wrong, im just trying to pinpoint why the daughter has no respect for regular household routines.) I think it's more rational to set clear expectations and rules on her moving back in because no father is going to leave his kid for the streets but you both can't make yourselves suffer from her immaturity. Set a schedule of chores, assist in a job hunt or at least a healthy hobby, and whatever else so she knows this isn't a vacation, this is time for her to work on her life skills.

  2. Honestly, just tell him straight up “I heard you whisper this to me this morning. I don’t know if I dreamt it or if you really whispered it. To put my mind at ease can I please look through your phone/computer/etc.” I don’t think that’s too much of an ask and not necessarily 100% accusing. I don’t see why a straightforward approach with an open and tactful conversation cannot be had in this situation. If you find out he’s cheating, well then you know. If you can’t find anything, just apologize and move on. I’m not saying you not finding doesn’t eliminate the fact he may be cheating, but the truth will come to light eventually. Besides this incident it sounds like y’all need to talk about other things too and work through this rough patch y’all are experiencing. This whole say this and read his body language sounds fucking exhausting. Why play mind games with him and yourself.

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