Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. I was kinda the same way with my bf but I soon realized that the standards my parents held for me about waiting until marriage was unrealistic for me and I truly didn't believe in the Christian beliefs. Sometimes religion can traumatize you and make u scared of things that are normal. I read your replies saying that she will seek therapy. Ik there are some services that offer therapy without insurance. You just have to show pay stubs and they will give u a huge discount. They're mainly in government clinics and she can probably talk about it with a female dr. That she trusts and has been seeing and she can possibly get a referral or more information. I think maybe having a talk with her on the plan moving forward if she is willing to have sex is important for her. Try not to bring the topic up so much unless you are discussing the plan moving forward. If none of the stuff you have tried out/planned then maybe you guys are not compatible. But I think definitely try first to remove the barries since she said she is willing to have sex.

  2. Block and delete , please have self respect because some who actually respected you would have at least find it to your face

  3. I probably shouldn't talk to anyone til my relationship has ended though

    You're right! You shouldn't.

    Your bf has been yelling at you for years and is 58 years old. It's unlikely he will change if he hasn't changed yet. He just broke up with you! I think you should leave him asap and move on with your life. YFind a healthy new guy when you are ready in 6+ months.

  4. . That's ok I don't have a pro leem with that . The problem is when they feel they don't need to at least call you . Then if something does happen with some guy they use the same excuse . The they were with some female after work

    Well that sounds like an exhausting amount of work and drama to put up with…but then I hear crazy stories from people married to lawyers, nurses and teachers lol so whatever.

  5. Just leave her be. You can have hurt feelings all you want, it still doesn't mean she has to interact in a way that you think she should. Be thankful that she actively stepped back, instead of actively sabotaging everything.

  6. Yes. This feels controlling.

    You keep doing you – it’s fabulous for your mental health!

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