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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. I started seeing someone recently. HE is a freaking electrician and he is more generous and romantic about me not ever having to go out of my way for him than your rich private school boyfriend. This man grew up dirt poor too. I love having a dating relationship w someone who is thoughtful and not out of touch! Lift the bar up off the floor girl!

  2. This sounds like it’s adding to either a previous squabble or an underlying issue that’s been going on. Of course you have every right to say no and your boundaries should be respected.

  3. I agree. I let myself get sucked into an argument with her this morning. She went off. Full on character assassination. I'm a horrible person. What kind of man throws our marriage over a false narrative I made up in my mind. Called crazy. Yelling escalated to screaming about how no one likes me. Everyone who knows her knows she's a good person and would never cheat on anybody. I think it's weird to say anybody, rather than me. She loves using “Never,” “Ever,” “Always” definitive words. I asked, to be honest. She said, “I am not a liar like you. I would never lie. I am a good person, unlike you. We agreed to separate. I'll come home when she's working to watch the girls and I'm looking for a place to live now.

  4. This is a joke right?? You basically just admitted to being a pedophile or groomer or whatever tf… like you were 24 and thought “oh yeah this high schooler looks like a good choice to date” leave “xer” alone and go figure out your life

  5. You know this isn’t about him truly thinking his “method” is correct, right?! It’s about control and dominance. He wants you and your family to experience, suffer from, and show deference and submission to his giant shits. That’s why he doesn’t want you to solve the problem. It would lessen his “impact”.

    I’ve got a similar story. Not nearly as disgusting, but the same component is definitely there, so maybe it will make it more clear for you. I’ve long since booted this person out of my life, BTW…

    So I like to have the kitchen clean before I go to bed so when I start my day I can walk into a clean kitchen and make a cup of coffee before I get in the shower. It’s important to me. It sets the tone for how my whole day starts. It’s the same reason I make my bed every day, so when I arrive back to it in the evening, things feel like they’re not in disarray. (And oddly enough, he worked hard to undermined that, too.)

    So the kitchen…he would drink beer at night, and ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to dispose of the cans as he emptied them. Instead he would stack them on the counter by the back door. There was a trash can in both the kitchen and a the larger one was like three steps outside the back door. But he stacked them anyway, every night, and eventually dispose of them the next day…but well after my opportunity to experience waking up to a clean kitchen had passed. Usually after I’d left for work.

    For years I asked him to throw them away as he emptied them. It oscillated between joking exchanges to outright pissy responses, but it never changed. I had been refusing to throw them away or walk them out to the can because I wasn’t going to clean this up for him. He needed to do it, right? Turns out there was more to it than laziness.

    See, he WANTED to fuck up my mornings. It was the whole purpose. He knew what I wanted, what was important to me in my living environment. So what was important to him was that I NOT get it. That I be forced to regard and live in deference to his massive, trashy pile.

    This became clear when one night before bed, as I was cleaning the kitchen, I asked him yet again to “please get these cans before you go to bed”. I got yet another pissy, passive aggressive response. So I opened the back door and started carting the empties myself to the can myself. And he lost his mind. He jumped up, enraged, went to the outside can, DUG THE EMPTIES BACK OUT, and restacked them on the counter! Screaming at me the whole time.

    That was when it became clear what was actually happening here. And also happening with the sabotaging of my bed-making, as well as a couple of other simple tasks.

    It wasn’t about his methods or habits being superior, or justified, or his laziness, or his stubborn unwillingness to do anything differently that might solve it, or just bad habits. It was 100% about MAKING me suffer in small, passive aggressive ways. To make me “take it” from him, and deal, to submit to a less-pleasant living environment and ultimately to keep me mildly upset in very small but accumulative ways.

    And I’m certain that’s what’s going on in your situation, too. Your much, much nastier situation. But the motivation is the same.

  6. If you still haven't seen his face then… this is silly.

    If he's kept his face hidden and has been bracing you for a nasty surprise from early on. Chances are he might be a bit ugly. However if you can look past that, maybe you'll have a lovely life partner. Ugly people need love too.

  7. I would suggest professional help at this point. Yelling isn't productive. You can talk at normal volumes and express your feelings without raising your voice to some one.

    If neither of you can remember these fights or sort out what you are even fighting about, I would say neither of you are really ready to be someone's partner.

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