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  1. To a lot of men “wife material” is translated to them as cook, maid and housekeeper. Any man who would tell you that you're not “wife material” is someone who has a bit of a disrespectful view of women.

  2. Man, you've been dealt a tough deck. It doesn't sound like you're happy at all in your current situation so I'd say try to get a stable income and look into getting your own place to live (away from toxic family members and this guy you were forced to marry).

    Once you've figured out where to live and you're financially independent divorce that guy. You're just going to get bitter and resentful in the long run if you're forced to stay with him.

    I wish you all the luck and strength in the world, hopefully you can build a life you can be happy in.

  3. make him work for it? I don't know how, but maybe insist he court you. He wants to be a hunter, make him hunt. He will regret his notes in no time, and will really appreciate you.

  4. You say that as if a 23 year old hooking up with a 17 year old isn't still disgusting.

    People are going to tell you that your boyfriend is a pedophile because he is a pedophile.

    Stop defending him. Seriously, any 22 year old who finds out his girlfriend is actually fifteen years old and doesn't end the relationship IMMEDIATELY is a fucking creep. Please open your eyes and actually listen to what everyone is trying to tell you.

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