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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Are you good friends with the wife? If so, definitely tell her. If not, then you should really mind your business. No good is going to come from it and you could cause a lot of problems for yourself. It also may not do anything but make them both pissed at you. Just because you would want to know, doesn't mean she would. It rareltnturns out well when we assume that we can read other people's minds. For all you know, she's aware and doesn't care or is dealing with it her own way.

    Now, your husband or HR should probably get involved if the relationship is inappropriate, which may well be the case with an owner and direct employee, but I can't really see any reason for you to be involved with it. If it isn't affecting you in any way and you and wifey aren't friends then it has absolutley nothing to do with you. That's between the two of them. I suggest you move on and focus that energy somewhere more beneficial.

  2. Right? The way that OP is reacting to all this and replying to comments is pissing me off. I'd absolutely fucking livid with someone if they attempted to kiss me and disrespect my relationship AND the person I'm with because they thought that I was open to an affair.

    I'd immediately cut someone off and block them on everything because why the fuck would ANY GOOD PERSON think it's ok to attempt to get with a married person EVEN IF the married person were open to having an affair. That's fucked up and abhorrent behavior

  3. My partner needs to be in bed by about 8:30 due to his schedule. That doesn’t always work for me so he goes to bed and I stay up and then sleep on the couch so as not to bother him. ?‍♀️

    What is her issue?

  4. If it is just a one time thing, then sure, no harm no foul. Totally agree. But there was an indication that this is a repeat problem, not just a one time thing, he says she picks fightS.

    On top of that he said he wanted to make sure she didn’t drink too much. That screams low trust and codependent. He could talk with her before she goes out, share his worries then. But he calls her while she’s out, interrupting her time with friends to make sure she’s not drinking too much. Thats either codependency or on the fast track to becoming that.

  5. This post is about a “Now”.

    > I'm [NOW] about to make a major financial commitment on blind faith.

    > She has a child NOW, she is in a relationship (almost 3 years) with someone she works with.

    I'm not even going to open the door to “hypotheticals” that you might mis understand. I wish you the best of luck, and please get the mental support required.

  6. If you don’t stand up for this time, you are forever doomed. You need to make sure your fiancé knows her brother can be “funny” to anyone but he has to respect you.

  7. OP. You can't fix this person. Only she can fix herself. And it doesn't seem she cares to do that as long as she has you tethered to her by text and phone. You can care about her, but you can't care FOR her. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life taking phone calls about whether or not she should take a crap. Seriously. That is the point you have reached. She called you twice in one day about taking a crap. Think about what that means if you continue on with her.

    Also, do NOT allow her to do the drunk thing or any other kind of manipulation ever again. You should have just called the police the first time. FYI, drama is the Borderline Personality Disorder person's reason for being. I know. I lived it and left it.

    You are asking for advice, and mine is to complete what you already attempted to do once. End this relationship. Or be ready to live with constant drama and be her craptastic advisor for the rest of your life.

  8. Have you both been officially tested or is it just an approximation?

    Also, I'd recommend just slowing down and actually taking time to explain things. It might take a while but do it. My friend has above average IQ and their partner has an IQ of 85. They've been together for 6 years and sometimes we all hang out. The lower IQ individual understands everything if we don't take their understanding for granted and explain everything in ways they can understand.

  9. Sami should divorce Tom. He is manipulating her and totally taking advantage of her good nature. It will not end well for her.

  10. I’m glad you brought up the job not being as great as he thinks with no bills. It’s absolutely true. I’d feel like a millionaire if I got to pocket my whole salary with no bills…

  11. “Why are you talking to me like that?”

    “I don’t like the way you’re talking to me.”

    “That’s a fascinating theory, but right now I’d like to stay focused on the issue of the grocery list. Is there a reason you didn’t get the things I asked for?”

    “It sounds like doing lots of research works well for you, and that’s great. But I showed you my nails in order to connect with you, and I feel like you hijacked the conversation into a lecture about my shortcomings. That makes me feel reluctant to share things from my life with you. Perhaps in the future, you can ask if I’m just sharing or looking for advice, so we can avoid this problem.”

  12. That's such flawed reasoning. I went out with my buddies all the time before I met my wife. So that means as we got more serious I would have been in the right to tel her to fuck off when she would ask to come or asked me to not go out as much?

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