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Date: September 25, 2022

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  2. Ha it's funny we grew up with, bathroom (with shower attachment), en suite with a shower and a downstairs toilet.

    But still shared a bath with mum, dad and sister (only all of us when very,very small). Shower (separately) with mum, dad, sister. And had a bath/shower while other people used the toilet.

  3. How is possible to have a mutual breakup when you were perfect and he wasn't putting in the effort?

    Well he loved you enough to let you go to be happy with someone else or you weren't worth fighting for..hard to tell.

    Unfortunately you played yourself and not him!

  4. You need counselling bro. You have alot going on and your feelings around this injury, your condition and her leaving you are all being funnelled into a hatred of her. Subconsciously you are basically blaming her for all of it.

    Now I'm not saying that hating her for leaving you when you most needed her isn't understandable, but it isn't healthy or good for you.

    Counselling. Therapy. Whatever you want to call it.

  5. I think you are just done with the relationship but haven’t quite admitted it to yourself yet. It’s a lot of work getting together and the sex isn’t good, also he’s emotionally immature and stunted tbh.

  6. If individuals actually behaved the way people on Reddit claimed the world would be a better place. That’s why the brother deserves the praise because what he did was a difficult thing to do.

  7. Responding here because I’ve been her in this dynamic. I can almost guarantee that she feels like that because you’ve shown her that things fall apart without her. People generally don’t take all of this on, resentfully, unless they have to. If she’s let you handle the boiling water a few times and it’s boiled over every time, then she’s not going to bother asking anymore. If you want to take those responsibilities back (and you should grow the fuck up and do so) then you need to have a concrete plan for how to do better. She obviously sees things as issues before you do – so how are you getting better at identifying issues earlier? Sounds like you need to do a lot of reading on emotional labour and see where you can step up.

  8. Wow, I wonder what your son's father would say about this ? he's probably rolling in his grave. Shame on YOU.

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