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Date: October 3, 2022

15 thoughts on “LolittaGlasses live webcams for YOU!

  1. Coming from a woman, she is definitely cheating, if not physically at least emotionally and everything you’ve indicated says she definitely has feelings for him. And she’s gaslighting you SO much. And the constantly telling you your doing something wrong, that’s her guilt she projecting into you. Textbook behaviour of a cheater. But regardless of cheating, she’s putting this intimate relationship above your marriage. You should be her number 1 intimate relationship. Don’t bother trying to tell her you love her, her feelings for you are gone, but she likes having you there as the safety net as shes probably scared things with him won’t work out and trying something out with someone new is scary. Also, if she loved you she would care about your feelings and not do the things you’re not okay with. Also, I would never hang out with a guy alone as I know my bf would be upset and I wouldn’t want him hanging out with another girl alone. Friends or not. Males and females can sometimes be just friends, but its human nature that most of the time they can’t be just friends. It’s more common than not that they can’t be just friends. At one point or another someone or both of them will get some type of feelings usually. I’m sorry if this comes off blunt, I don’t mean it that way but that’s how I see this. Free yourself and find someone who will be a good partner.

  2. He’s making himself be alone on Christmas night because he wants to be high and play video games. It’s ok but he doesn’t have to make you do that. How many times have you compromised because he gets mean and volatile or just to even avoid arguments? How often does he compromise? You don’t have too many holidays left together with your entire family.

    Your man is manipulative, he knows how to push your buttons and he knows you’ll cave if he stresses you out enough. He’s not acting like a man in his 30s.

  3. Please don’t ask me that question it’s insulting so of course I’m not answering it.

    Its not insulting when you post that your husband took a paternity test and it came back 'negative' (which is not how that works), to ask if you have ever cheated

    And it's clearly obvious by your refusal to answer it, that you in fact cheated and he is, in fact, not the father, and you are, in fact, a gold digger.

  4. I think you’ve got bigger problems than your boyfriend telling tales. No boyfriend of mine would be going anywhere with that guy. Own your comment. It’s reasonable. Next time the friend says anything stare him out and say “what, truth hurt?”

  5. God, we may have problems (so many problems) but at least you can properly defend yourself against in an intruder in the U.S.

  6. Do YOU feel she us holding you back? If not, How do you feel? Is she the one that encourages you? Is she the one that makes you smile?

    Dude, she is looking forward 30 years! Why? She is worried she isn't good enough for you. You just reinforced that belief.

    Where do you want to be in 1, 3 and 5 years? Is she in that picture? In what roll?

  7. I guess if this were to happen to my husband and I, I’d be trying to figure out who wants us to not be together so bad that they’d go to such great lengths to tear us apart so that I can make sure they’re no longer in our life.

  8. I'm surprised anyone even read it. I know it's long. And I know I should have ended it already. Just needed to vent. Thank you for your insight

  9. Have a date somewhere you can both be comfortable. Maybe share interests and see where they align.

    Be your beautiful self. It sounds like you know where you may struggle. Keep working on it. You may not win all of the time but if you keep it up you will!

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