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Date: September 28, 2022

5 thoughts on “Tokpokkim live webcams for YOU!

  1. Hey I would really appreciate some advice on what I should do about my boyfriend. We have been dating for 6 month and a few days ago he blew up on me really bad. His friend is in the hospital and he is going through a stressful time

    And yet all he can do is whine and throw a massive tantrum because the poor little BBy didn't get a vawentines pwesent?

    Also he’s never introduced me to any of his friends.

    Doesn't want them to know he isn't single.

    Meanwhile I brought him into my life and introduced him to all my friends.I ended up breaking up with him on the phone after he stormed out of my house and called me to continue the argument on the phone.

    Yeah, fuck that specisl-snowflake type emotional diarrhea.

    You did the right thing.

    I know he’s going through it but I just get red flags from this unwarranted argument. He wants to talk

    Tell him he did all the talking he needed to do last night and then kept talking out of turn, Now he needs to shut up and listen: it's over.

    and said he was sad and when he is sad he blows up

    The death of my friend might cause me to be a little insensitive or to ignore people. Being “sad” doesn't cause me to turn into a raging agressive shitstorm. It doesn't rob me of my ability to apologize.

    Your ex is just an asshole.

  2. First off, she’s already having an emotional affair. Second, you need to flat out ask her if she’s already slept with her, since she doesn’t consider it cheating. My guess is she has, her AP found out you weren’t on board and they cooked up this plan to get you on board.

    First off, ask her directly if she has already slept with her and when. If she has, she’ll probably say it was after you agreed to a threesome (that would be a lie). If she denies it ask for her AP number and her husband’s. My guess is she’s been telling them something completely different.

    Second, if you can verify she hasn’t slept with this woman, try this test. Tell her you are willing to do the threesome one time but with a different woman, that you feel she’s having too many emotional feelings towards her and that you expect her to go NC with this woman and her husband. You need to set the boundary that if she sleeps with anyone man or woman outside of the marriage, you will consider it cheating and will end up in divorce.

    If she agrees, you might be able to save your marriage. If not, start calling lawyers, she’s having an affair emotionally and probably physically as well.

  3. To be fair, he works in government cyber security, he made $200,000 last year… Nurses make probably half of that lol

  4. I’m not defending the BF because he has some maturing to do but preferring traditional gender roles doesn’t mean someone hates women or thinks they are inferior.

    Using misogynist for every time a man and woman disagree deprives it of any real meaning and weakens the impact of the word.

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