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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. It's not consensual unless she would agree to have sex with him knowing about his new girlfriend. He used a common coercion tactic (he's guilty by omission) because he knew his ex probably wouldn't have had sex with him had she known the truth. It also is not safe or ethical to have sex with her without disclosing he is having sex with another partner. Then on top of that, he already knows the other girl is going to consider it cheating, because suddenly his ex has “leverage.”

    Then, to be extra douchy,, he makes it out like his ex can ruin his relationship… rather than the truth, HE just ruined BOTH.

  2. Two months is plenty of time if she is really that out off maybe have a non sexual talk about sex and see if you can get to the bottom of things.

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  4. You're not the only person who has been manipulated due to holding out hope, and you won't be the last. Please don't let the people who are saying “how can you not see you're being used?” Hurt you. Sometimes you can logically know something but feel differently. You got manipulated but the person at fault is the manipulator, not the victim. This sucks enough without people blaming you for the bad position you've found yourself in. I hope it becomes easier for you to confidently set boundaries in the future.

  5. OP so he already lied to you initially then proceeded to reveal some truth to you. And chance he stayed with her until he finished but didn’t tell you that part? Did he ask for her to be moved or did she ask to be moved? I’m not sure why working at a bar around alcohol which is a depressant is good for someone who’s having to take anti depressants? Have you asked him that? Literally he’s just trying to manipulate you and I promise if you allow this to be ok he will do it again if the opportunity presents itself. Gather your self respect and move on from him. You don’t need anymore trauma from cheating in your life.

  6. Yea it sucks fine someone on your sexual wavelength, she's not it, maybe talk about some commitment up front.

  7. I do regret sharing it because I feel upset we have to argue about it even if it happened before knowing her. But are you supposed to dump all your friends you had sex with in the past even if it was yust once and a long time ago without any feelings? That feels wrong as well.

  8. What I and every other sane person on earth expects

    That’s the key. You are not reasoning with a sane person. You are trying to explain reality to some one who is off her rocker and thinks she is the spokesperson for all step mothers and how they feel. That’s like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what move you make, they are going to shit all over the board and strut around like they won anyway.

  9. 19 / 20 is barely an adult. And they have been friends since middle school. Although I agree we don't know if he meet her prior to her 19 year old visits.

    A man in his thirties dating a 19 year/ 20 year old may not technically be grooming but it's unhealthy and creepy as hell.

  10. It is possible to stop, but it likely requires a level of self control you haven't developed yet.

    I would work on putting max effort into not yelling and in the meantime, you might consider seeing a therapist.

    While it might not result in divorce, do you really want your marriage to remain a partnership where you hold resentments?

  11. Sometimes it's easier to say, “I'm just depressed” than saying “I think I'm/we're having some deeper problems that I'm not sure how to talk about yet.”.

    Why does having to have sex be the determining factor of, “You should see a professional”?

  12. You should definitely break up. If you have feelings for somebody else in a MONTH AND A HALF then it will definitely not work out.

    Whether you go for his friend later or not is another question. Imo wait it out a bit and see if you still have feelings for him+it allows your ex bf to cool down, rather than breaking his heart twice

  13. Your wife is dependent on you like a child, but you can't imagine not having children…someone who is dependent on you. You know how paradoxical that sounds?

  14. I actually said to him after I went that I was relieved to see his family pictures cause it looked like it was actually his parents house and I was worried he was married. He laughed and said absolutely not. But actions speak louder than words I guess…

  15. You had me up until “open relationship”

    Why not just call this what it is. You are friends with benefits and possibly roommates – wasn't clear in your story.

  16. Finances is one of the biggest reasons for divorce besides infidelity. She lives way above her means and will use you to finance her lifestyle. A successful relationship is like a business partnership (not romantic, I know, but it’s true). Agreement needs to be made on finances and if not, then you both need to find someone who is compatible in that aspect, otherwise it’ll cause unnecessary stress and resulting break up

  17. What are you talking about? I live in a big city and everyone in hospitality knows each other, and they hear everything through the grapevine.

    Way to gloss over my main point though – that OP has no obligation to put themselves in further danger.

    I do not blame the children and women that were assaulted before me for my own assault/s. How disgusting.

  18. I would be worried too about the misogyny towards any woman, whoever he was rapping about. And the objectification.

    I can’t imagine a feminist being comfortable writing or performing those lyrics.

    I would personally end a relationship with someone who thought these things, or thought it was cool or funny to say them. It’s not about supporting someone’s art, it’s about fundamental issues of respect.

  19. Tell your dad.

    Just make you let him know you love him and he may not be your sperm donor but he is your dad. Also make it known you hope this doesn't change anything between you both.

    That as far as your concerned he is your dad and you love and appreciate everything he's done for you.

    I can't believe your mum, what good has come out of this.

    None only hurt.

    Good luck OP I hope everything works out for you and your dad.

  20. It's been a month and a half. You don't know this person, just the mask he's put up. Likewise he does not know you well enough to love or want to marry you.

    If anything, it's likely lovebombing.

    No, his posting you on Instagram does not mean you're somehow different or better than the girls he cheated on. You're just new. He's showing off his new acquisition.

    You should listen to your flatmate. You're putting not only your mental health on the line but your physical health too. Cheaters don't generally care about safe sex and you're at real risk of having him infect you with something that may or may not be curable.

  21. I’m kind of in disbelief that everyone in the comments is so willingly lied to/excluded. I wouldn’t care about going, but she A) lied to you very blatantly and B) did so to exclude you from an event that the person doing the inviting specifically invited you to. Everyone is acting like there is such little chance that something suspect isn’t going on. There are just as many reasons/outcomes that are terrible for OP as there are innocent/well mannered ones, if not significantly more. She definitely could be just preventing you from attending an event she won’t have fun at that leans more towards the more succinct family. She could also be planning on breaking up with you, she could have history with someone involved in the wedding, she could just be a habitual liar and decided in that moment she wanted to lie, all kinds of stuff that are obvious red flag rabbit holes.

    I’m not saying you should assume that this has some big spiderweb of deceit behind it by any means, I’m just shocked that the comment section is writing this off as innocuous, as if there aren’t some potentially hurtful things involved. I would learn as much as possible OP.

  22. My concern is for you.

    Let's think about your responses to questions particularly you equating your seldlf worth/esteem to being disinvited, disrespected and lied to by the one person who is supposed to love and protect you. You meaning your heart, soul and relationship.

    You have to work on this area or you will be subjected to being manipulated, possibly abused and depression. Why is your self-esteem so low? Is this as a result of childhood trauma, being married to him, feeling like he's the best you will ever get etc? This isn't good.

    Your husband is a coward and perhaps he still has feelings for his ex of 5 or 6 years ago or didn't have the courage to ask you not to attend after the possibility of them requesting you not to attend. It may have been or will be awkward for all involved.

    Your conversation with him should be one that demands truth if not consequences. You're 25, trust me, once healed, the world is your oyster.

    Come on op, love you more and be your own advocate.

  23. I think you may need to talk to a lawyer, and find out what the law are in you jurisdiction. You may be able to evict her after one month, or you may need more time.

    Do NOT 1. try to kiss her, be physical with her again. 2. get back together with her when he finally dumps her. She may be the most beautiful narcissist in the world who is wonderful in bed, but she's not worth your mental health.

  24. “Jee, thanks for being so supportive” as sarcastically and as much like a cranky 15 year old as possible.

  25. Meh. A bad joke but she was kinda in an awkward situation talking about it with someone else. Divorce shouldn't be normalized especially in your marriage, just talk to her later about how it made you feel and to leave joking about that off limits.

  26. Have you brought up to him that there isn’t enough you two time? Or planned a small get away just the two of you? He seems to still be in that mindset of living alone but it’s different now

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