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  1. She put in effort, she arranged babysitting and got the kids out. This thread is so crazy to me. I guess I can’t understand a marriage where one person initiating sex is some kind of huge offense.

  2. Pining for external validation seems like a red flag to me ngl

    If the genders were swapped then the comments would probably just tell you to break up

    I'm aware that this is pretty common in women but it's still a red flag

  3. This is a really one sided account of things and quite frankly ridiculous

    I’m not paying on her expecting to get to pay me back in equal measure and in no regard does my post indicate that at all.

    I’m simply saying that I am doing stuff for her she wouldn’t be willing to do for me

    I don’t understand how that’s malicious in any way. She’s not a prostitute, I’m not treating her like a prostitute.

    I took her out because I care about her. The same way I wrote her a big loving card because I care about her. I merely find it off that the expectation is all on me and she doesn’t think about me nearly as much as I think about her. That strikes me as a dangerous situation to be in. You can say all you want that, I’m bitching about how I felt like I was being used for sex, but if a woman wrote that she was meeting a man constantly, having sex, and yet when she wanted to go on a date he said no, he doesn’t want to be her girlfriend, that would feel like she’s being used for sex, no?

  4. Sometimes in order to own your own place you have to extreme budget. It may be cold/hot but he doesn't have to deal with roommates. Maybe his priority is that, hell even OP implies they prefer staying at his place to avoid roommates.

    He is happy with his situation, OP can shiver, help pay the utilities to cover the disparity or deal.

  5. The two most likely things are that Gary either made up a story to sound cool, or more went down than your girlfriend is admitting.

    However, she denies it and with no real way to prove it one way the other you're just going to have to decide whether or not to believe her. With this, all I can tell you is to trust your gut.

    Gary sounds like he's lurking on the sidelines and maybe your girlfriend should stop hanging out with him. And also, it sounds like you jerk her around a lot and if you decide to stay with her you should stop doing that.

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