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  1. Nah, you do him one better.

    Tell him he doesn't have to worry about cheating on you, because you have too much self respect to stay with someone who cares so little for you as a person and only thinks of you as an incubator for the future children he likely won't actually help raise.

  2. No sex for 2 months? Mid 20s couple living together. That seems a long time without intimacy. Is the relationship rocky?

  3. I mean there's a lot of convenient things in OP's story that can sound a bit farfetched. Not saying he's lying, but I wouldn't shame the gf for being suspicious. Critical thinking is an important skill after all.

  4. I appreciate that you mention the weight gain, because that is something I super relate to. After gaining weight, I have lost a lot of interest in sex because I just don't feel attractive, despite my partner telling me over and over that he thinks I'm sexy. Self esteem is such a huge factor when it comes to sex. I would recommend just keep doing what your doing with the reassurances, though they don't seem effective I'm sure it's helping his mental state. Exercise will help a lot (from personal experience) but that is a very tricky line to walk when it comes to encouraging it, but it sounds like you're already going about it a very healthy way with being supportive and assuring him that you find him attractive regardless. Maybe initiate exercising and using his weights and just be like “I need a workout buddy” or something like that

  5. That's not how child support or custody works. She doesn't give him custody, a judge decides that with well being of the child in mind. The parent who makes more money pays child support to the parent who makes less money. If they split custody 50/50 and she makes more, she will have to pay it. If he makes more, he will pay.

    Unfortunately there's a wage gap, and women are usually paid less than men, so you were kinda right to assume she probably will not be the one paying child support, but we don't know her individual situation.

  6. Divorce him. Take him for everything and find yourself someone who rocks your world.

    Also, tell your daughters who adore him exactly what he’s done.

  7. This is not taking a break this is a full breakup. Taking a break is maybe not seeing each other for a week before coming back together to try to see if you want to work on things.

    He was the one that brought it up I think he was being nice about it at the time but obviously he wanted to be single. You didn’t do anything wrong here. Most people cut contact with their ex after a breakup and move on, you are more emotionally invested still so it’s taking you longer to move forward which is why being blocked hits a bit hard.

    Don’t worry about him and his reactions just worry about you healing and moving forward. He is not your problem anymore. Focus on what you want in your own life that was an issue when you were together and start building some new routines!

  8. When somebody tells you that if you don't trust me break up with me that means they don't give a f*** about you so you should adhere to her request. It sounds like she's daring you to break up with her

  9. Don't stay with an abuser.

    Drinking made your relationship bad but she could have left. I'm not blaming just stating a fact.

    Once you quit drinking you should have started couples counseling. It would have given you both a safe space to communicate.

    Resentment from her because of those 2 years is natural but therapy would have helped her progress that in a healthy way.

    She's told you that she doesn't want to change. The best thing to do for you both is to break up.

  10. There's definitely people here who are willing to talk.

    Also, if you can buy your ex a car, you can probably out of pocket a session or two of professional help.

    I wish I did. I was depressed for like a year after my three year relationship imploded.

    Now I'm in a relationship of just under 6 years and married for just under one.

    Get help, and when you're ready get back out there. In the mean time, keep working on you.

  11. This is very mature and rational. It’s refreshing to see a post where someone isn’t grasping for ways to explain away what is obviously going on.

    Everyone makes mistakes, it’s how we learn and grow. Don’t beat yourself up, just move forward.

  12. Of course I can, because it's the right thing to do. You put your kid before a new spouse. If your new spouse is a bully to your kid you get rid of the spouse. If you can't put your kid first you are not being a good parent.

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