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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. I talked to her today and she didn’t give me a straight answer. She’s been flirting with a lot of the guys at out boarding school. And she told me today she might be poly. I know she likes me but I just don’t know.

  2. Definitely too needy and too clingy, too fast. Not a great sign for if you were in an actual relationship with him. At this point he's trying to use restraint. Imagine if he weren't….

  3. That’s pretty creepy. If you say that you need more space then he needs to realize that it’s a statement and not a question.

  4. If these conversations have been over text, keep a record of them. If not, I'd start communicating only in writing so you do have a record of what he's saying, in case he decides to try to take the dog back. If you can't take care of both of the dogs, then I'd tell him that. If you want to give the dog to your mom that's fine, but I'd be firm with your ex that it is final and you will not be communicating with him any further.

  5. I don't know if this has been said already, I hop it has. But I couldn't get over how you said multiple times that “everyone is upset with you”. “Everyone”? There are only you and your gf in this relationship. You are allowed to brake up with your partner for whatever reason. The decision making and the aftermath doesn't involve anyone else. They might have opinions, but it's not our business. So please, remove “everyone” from this situation and do what's best for YOU. It's your life, not theirs. Good luck.

  6. Maybe you should also include the facts that even actual rapes almost never get taken seriously by police and that false convitions are extremely extremely rare

  7. My fiancé’s mom slept with her dad when he was married and had 2 twins (male and female), the female was the first SA victim. This is my fiancé’s half sister. Fiancé’s mom slept with the dad, the Dell dad was sleeping around as retaliation because his first wife confronted him about the SA. He left her for my fiancé’s mom who was pregnant with my fiancé at 18 after breaking up the marriage. When the first wife reported the abuse to police and CPS (20+x according to her, she was interviewed on sisters podcast in ‘19) the courts said she was doing it to retaliate because her husband had an affair. My fiancé’s mother corroborated the dads story that it was because of jealousy. The first wife was then forced to accept 50/50 custody and was told she’d be arrested if she didn’t comply and her lawyer said she risk losing all custody and sole custody would be given the the father. Even though my fiancé’s older half sister spoke up at age 7 and told the courts, they said she’d been brainwashed by the “jealous mom”. So my fiancé’s mother helped him get away with it. He went on to marry 3 more times after my fiancé’s mom. 5 marriages in total, youngest sister who was abused was from 4th marriage. He’s currently married to a woman from Thailand who’s 20’years younger. Never been charged

  8. This isnt as big an issue as you think it is.

    My partners parents (let's say Joe and Anne) got married, and their parents (bob and barbara) got together the exact same way yours did. But wait! Joe and Anne also have siblings – Joe's brother John and Anne's sister Kim. John and Kim also met through them, fell in love and also got married! 20-odd years on, some are divorced, some are still together, and literally no one cares.

  9. Your BF concerns are valid even if his approach may not be the best. One thing many people abuse is this word called 'trust'. And by that I mean many believe that just because they have expressed that they can be trusted that it gives them the liberty to expose themselves to situations that increase the likelyhood of a monogamous relationship ending in failure.

    With that said, your BF needs to decide for himself what's more important to him, being in a relationship where both parties share the same values and beliefs, or taking the gamble with his feelings and emotional stress that things will work out with you.

    If it were me, I would simply have the conversation with you to see where your head is at. If the club is more important to you then so be it, I just simply would end the relationship and pursue another one with a like minded individual. No hurt feelings he gets what ye wants and you get what you want. Learn this and learn it now OP, when you're in a monogamous relationship, sacrifice is always going to occur somewhere.

  10. Oh holy hell. Anyone reading this comment knows damn well that the two of them are already fucking.

    First thread I read here in a while …. this shit.

  11. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    my bf (22m) and i (22f) are long distance (across the country) and he’s gone for about 6-9 months at a time (he’s active duty) but we still get to talk and facetime everyday. we were discussing sex in relation to the distance and time apart and the next day i went and bought a couple different toys.

    i told him and he seemed a little off (not sure if he was mad or disappointed because he felt like he should be here to take care of my sex drive) and when i asked how he felt about it he said he was glad i was taking care of myself since he isn’t here but he was still clearly upset.

    i brought it up again a few days later and got the same response but he didn’t seem upset at all anymore. if any guys can speak on this i’d appreciate it.

  12. Well dude, I wouldn't worry too much, because I doubt your AF is going to be your sister in-law for much longer… So, that's one issue solving itself!

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