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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Yeah, came here to ask if her husband had ever learned about condoms?! How dumb can you be!? “I'd rather father 10 children than wrap it up – condoms just don't feel the same…” ?‍♀️

  2. So you carry the mental load of the entire household, explicitly tell them what you want, other than finances they do not contribute to the household…do you feel like you have a spouse or another child?

    No one on Reddit can genuinely tell you what to do because it boils down to 1) do you want them in your life as a partner or 2) do you not. Remember that staying together for the kids doesn’t work in the long run, kids pick up on this. And I guarantee unless your children are 3 and under, they know why you don’t have presents. And your spouse should be ashamed.

    1) you want them as a partner. Then they need to step up and be a partner and your resentment has reached the point of “professional intervention.” They need a doctor to manage their ADHD because this isn’t acceptable (not even the gift giving, but zero household contribution). You need a counselor. You both need marriage counseling.

    Then read the book Fair Play. Have your partner read it. It is very eye opening in terms of how much one spouse does and the other gets to coast, and it gives insight on how to try to fix things.

    2) divorce. If no one makes any changes, if no one is listening, then there’s no saving it.

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  4. That’s not a boundary. That’s a rule

    It’s okay if she has a boundary for herself to not date people who watch porn. But no one has to “respect” her boundary

  5. Son you have my permission to dump this self repressed mess and find a real woman and bang her brains out, and ya know what? Life is so tricky for all you know this girl who accuses you might be the one to drag you down, and then the very next girl you meet be the one who completes you, maybe maybe not, but someone who goes “yes touch me” and then physically makes you do it but then claims this? They are not mentally prepared for a fully fledged healthy adult relationship and at 23? Yeesh, I've been at it physically since I was 13 and I understood consent, boundaries, temptation, and pleasure for at least that long

  6. It depends on how much you value or priorities your relationship/ boyfriend. I’m slightly from older generation mindset, but I wouldn’t do anything that would make my partner uncomfortable (as best as I could, if other options are available.)

  7. You getting downvoted but you’re right. The drama this would ensue could be a shitstorm of epic proportions that you genuinely don’t want to deal with, especially if your ‘friend’ is so willing to give her rude opinion about something that doesn’t even concern her.

    Just drop and ghost.

  8. But its the only way she could have a say in the matter.

    She can say no but her no doesn't count.

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