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  1. Ohhhh you’re talkin about my sarcasm to the female that cheated… didn’t notice how I said “phone call” yeah there’s no phone numbers on here and if I was actually serious about that I think I would’ve just private messaged her, just sent a screenshot of that to my wife and she said yes, it’s definitely sarcasm given the fact it was a girl that cheated. Keep reading, maybe you’ll start to see the bigger picture

  2. I can imagine your situation is difficult because your feelings could be growing for this person the more that you spend time with them.

    What I’ve found in past relationships when I had issues like this was the more I dated other people, my feelings lessened for the person I was initially interested in, but that took time. What also helped was distancing myself from the person for a while so I could focus on myself and my feelings and building relationships with other people, and after I moved past my feelings, I was able to still be friends with the person.

    It’s hard to overcome these feelings if you’re around this person often. The thing that always helped me the most was distancing myself and only talking to the person from time to time via text or social media.

    The best advice I can give to you would be to try to distance yourself for a while to protect your feelings and to try to work with yourself to lessen them this way. Therapy can also help to help you work through your feelings. Once the romantic feelings are gone, I think you could go back to pursuing a friendship with this person since you truly do care about them, so it doesn’t hurt to take a step back for a while so you don’t continue to feel awkward or hurt whenever you’re around them in the future.

  3. Is she willing to do the same? Women are frequently abusers too. Clearly she needs some therapy after all this.

    Best wishes on this hard situation.

  4. I don’t think he’s joking about being a SAHD. You’ve been together a long time, but that doesn’t mean you’re both on the same path. You need to accept he’s a plodder, and you are a runner. Or make a different choice.

  5. I’d stand my ground BUT come up with fun future plans for your daughter, like maybe you guys could host the next sleepover party. Just something for her to look forward to with her friends.

    And I’d most definitely have a discussion with your husband about the biological parent issue. You are her parent, period. He can’t hold that against you now or in the future. That was a really hurtful thing he said and I think you have every right to express 1.) why that comment hurt, 2.) that you’re saying “no” because of your daughter’s safety, but you can come up with another sleepover plan together and 3.) he can’t use that against you now or ever again. It’s super disrespectful.

  6. The way you reflexively assume I don't also have sympathy for the rape victim demonstrates why you are not someone the original poster should spend a second listening to or coming to for advice about this.

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