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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Doesn't matter how long you've known her. Something has happened that she doesn't feel comfortable with being touched without permission. Respect her wishes.

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  3. So you're too late, he's already covering himself. You should have gone to the police IMMEDIATELY! They could have arranged a test. Now your husband has had time to come up with excuses and he's going to blame you.

    Why didn't you protect your child?

  4. I get where you're coming from, you think you're trying to help her but my guy this is the definition of controlling behavior. You both aren't even old enough to drink at all. Maybe she is being irresponsible but you certainly don't know better or have any authority to be able to tell her what to do.

    You do not get to do what you did. You stalked her, showed up to a party that you weren't invited to and dragged her out like a parent pulls a kid away from a play pen in the mall that they don't want to leave.

    If you don't like what she's doing, end things and find someone who does things that you approve of. Take it from someone twice your age, you absolutely will never be able to “fix” anyone. She needs to want the same thing you want. You can't make her.

  5. Most women are not attracted to men who they perceive as not being in control of their emotions, and there is no quicker way to demonstrate that you’re not in control of your emotions then by crying in front of her. While I want to tell you that there’s a way to talk through this, the more likely reality is that she lost all attraction to you the moment she saw you crying.

  6. SEEMS to me that your husband is the “doer” in this relationship. So much so, he has created a list of things you need to help him with, in order to keep a tight ship. Most women complain about the opposite: Their husbands don’t know the meaning of housework or an equal partnership. I note that you don’t whether you alerted your husband to your possible miscarriage or ADHD. Very peculiar! You’re whining about “feelings,” while your husband is ranting about getting no help with the housework. Also, withholding or being “coy” about health issues is no way to run a marriage. Your husband needs your help with two kids and mounting chores. Woman-up and tell him about your health issues without whining. All he wants is an equal partner, that can advocate for herself without becoming one of the kids, and can help him with your mess of a house.

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