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Date: September 29, 2022

11 thoughts on “Shaantall live webcams for YOU!

  1. Here's a crazy thought. have boundaries against fating someone who watches porn, why are you dating someone who you think has a porn addiction?

    If you were against herion usage. Would you ever date a heroin addict, tell them “By the way I have a rule that you can't do heroin ever again”

  2. Wearing an oxygen mask at night is not a serious response to sleep apnoea. It’s a way to avoid dying in your sleep, but other than that it is a neutral response. It’s merely acceptance of the condition. You are not taking your health seriously. You’re playing around with it for kicks.

  3. Thanks for your response. What if I said I need to be doing the fitness and hobby to deal with life/work and generally function as a happy healthy person? Is it a case of just doing less and finding a better balance? I’m just so happy right now which I’m defensive of because I’ve been so depressed in the past

  4. it sounds like she only wants sex and you want a relationship, i dont think it's about attention. if you're both looking for different things then i would just not pursue her

  5. The possibility of sex is one thing. The bigger problem is that she would drop you for him in a minute if he asked her to. There's no way you will ever be happy with that.

  6. I say stick to your guns. Your mom needs therapy and a support group – because who in their right mind happily goes back to someone that abused them for 8 years? She’s a victim and needs to get out of that cycle.

    I doubt the abuser hs changed that quickly. And even if he has, you’re under no obligation to be around him. AND even IF you forgave him in your heart, that doesn’t mean you have to trust him with your son. I mean, he could hurt your son, he could make him think abuse is normal, etc.

    Your mom is unfortunately not in a position to make good decisions. So as the parent of your child, it’s up to you to protect him from someone as awful as this bf.

  7. I think everyone banging on about how odd OP is must be young and/or never lived with someone else in a relationship. Everyone has a few quirks.

  8. You're more mature than I was at your age. When I was about 20, my boyfriend cheated on me. So I fucked his dad (age 41). I'm not saying it was the right thing to do, I know it was petty and toxic, and I'm 36 now and have grown away from that mentality. You're entirely more mature about this situation.

  9. Come on dude. Your 36 year old wife was wasted at a rooftop party getting felt up while making out with some random guy, went back to his hotel room, and all they did was… cuddle? You’re seriously believing that?

    You need to remember this is the same woman who lied to you everyday for the past 3 years. You can’t believe a word she says.

    Don’t stay with her because of the kid. You want your child to grow up in a house where it’s obvious her dad has a ton of resentment for her mom? Best thing to do for your kid is to divorce and find happiness with someone else.

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