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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. The mistake that you are making here is that you are expecting him to feel the same way that you do about money, and to treat it the same way that you do. But it's obvious that he doesn't and he doesn't.

    Instead of trying to fight that impossible battle, it would be better for you to sit down with him and talk to him about what money means to him. Why does he do the things that he does?

    It would be good for you to also understand what kind of life that you are settling yourself in for. This is a person that will never ever be buying you Ferraris and mansions for your birthday, and he will likely always be stingy with everything. The real question for you is, can you figure out why he feels this way, and can you work with it?

  2. Unless she's ready to walk, she will put up with what's thrown at her. You can tell her to do things that help with her confidence and self esteem so she actually sees her self worth. That way she grows her mental strength to make a decision.

    I'm not presuming anything here but some people really struggle to see the logic of the situation. There standards are so low, they settle. They are trauma bonded or have other issues like abandonment. It's not easy walking away because they see being single as something really scary.

    Keep talking to her and checking in. Offer her an exit if she ever feels like she's in danger or unsafe.

  3. Op please listen to this! Breaking your possessions on purpose is a really gross abusive thing to do. I love gardening and one of the early red flags I ignored from my abusive ex was destroying my gardening stuff. It went on to me more control of me and my time and isolation from friends and family and then escalated to physical abuse. This is a HUGE red flag.

    The only way to get past this is she needs to realize that what she did was abusive and controlling and apologize and work on herself to make sure she doesn’t escalate further- but even then I wouldn’t personally ever let my guard down and be able to stay.

    Let’s say for one hypothetical second you were playing too much, and she did want you to do more housework, more time with your child whatever- let’s pretend whatever her justification is is 100% true- even her being right about you needing to step up or whatever more doesn’t justify destroying your possessions in an attempt To control and isolate you! Even if she’s correct- she needs to address that one adult To another with respect. This isn’t respect.

  4. In the town I live in it's hard to get something at affordable (for me) price range, to secure rent I had to get roommate fast, she was obvious choice.

    I've never admitted to any sort of attraction , I'm having this under control, why should I bother my gf with this.

    Attraction is kinda automatic, she's just traditionally pretty, can'tt help it, given how long we know each other.

  5. He's always been very mature on handling things and handling his emotions. It's just hard to imagine he's thinking of *her* you know? I appreciate the advice, I do. The advice I've gotten so far from the others has been helpful

  6. Yes you are wrong. The stalker is counting upon you folks to be …. frankly speaking, dumb. And that's exactly what you are being.


    Get some decent competent local help.

  7. She’s not into either of those, which is too bad cause I agree that would be the perfect way to pass the time, she’s just not into em

  8. This is the right answer. If my husband even suggested that I would be done because he doesn’t love me, he doesn’t respect me, and he views me as a fucking sex toy to be shared.

    It’s gross and so is your husband

  9. sure is! i kept it a secret per his request for 2 years until i was old enough for it to not be rlly weird. i always end up going back to him. ive experienced better but i always want him at the end of the day. idk im in therapy for it i swear

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