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Date: September 26, 2022

12 thoughts on “Candyboobies live webcams for YOU!

  1. So for you it’s the same because both things cause insecurity. Because he (potentially) makes her insecure by liking pictures of half naked women, it’s ok for her to post half naked pictures of herself since the only reason not to do it would be to spare his insecurities. Correct me if any of that is wrong.

    I can see your logic, so thank you for explaining it. But I very strongly disagree.

    To me, the point isn’t what makes who insecure. The point is “are you doing something inappropriate”. And in my opinion, looking at other women who post pictures of themselves half naked is not inappropriate. It’s no different than looking at women dressed half naked as you pass them in the street.

    On the other hand, dressing half naked itself is inappropriate in a relationship to me. It’s an action you’re taking that goes way above where your partners’ eyes fall. Especially if, like in the situation you’ve described, you’re doing it intentionally to make your partner feel insecure.

    That’s said, I don’t think it matters all that much. It just means certain people aren’t compatible with others. Me and you aren’t because of our different opinions on this just like OP and his gf aren’t. No one is wrong for having their preference in what they want their partner to be like

  2. Try smoking a lot of weed or taking ketamine so you forget what you learned. Because this is more a “you” problem than a “her” problem.

  3. If he won't change, this relationship isn't sustainable.

    The only way he is going to change is if he can understand that lack of hygiene is a problem.

    If you can't help him understand this, then you may need to seek the help of a professional, if he's open to it.

  4. We both have backups god forbid it doesn’t work out ! And the jobs are not working together. Same company but separate jobs. I have family within an hour away from me so I could always go there if it were the end ( aka my parents ) we both agreed that our incomes will stay with the one who earned it, and can use as needed while budgeting for the dogs,rent, etc. I am also going to be the head of household as he also has friends in the state we’re moving to that will take him in if needed. – I too was stuck living with an ex and current boyfriend had to actually help me move out within 2 hours haha.

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