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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Ask her about it.

    If she did see them, regardless of if she fucked them, she deliberately hid her intentions, because she knew that you would see it as a breach of the relationship boundaries.

    The fact that you are already in couples counselling after a year together is a massive issue, and you are probably better off just ending it with her.

  2. At this point she is just abusive to you. Wanting sex is a normal human need and she is stringing you along and as far as I can see she doesn't care at all about your emotions except for when you say that you want to break up. You need to care about your needs and be more assertive because she doesn't care.

    For you to be happy in this relationship the fundamental dynamic between you have to change drastically and that's something that almost never happens.

    BTW, the most likely scenario is that she won't be asexual with the next guy she meets. Find someone that loves you!

  3. So I’m assuming it only went as far as him texting her right? Did he say whether he felt he would go through with it if she said yes?

    I think it’s a good sign he immediately told you. On the other hand though, he probably assumed your friend would tell you if he didn’t.

    It comes down to the fact that he broke your trust and it’s up to him to fix it. If you decide to stay, what is he willing to do to regain your trust? Therapy and a change of lifestyle should be a given. An addiction like this can be overcome if he puts the work in (if his porn addiction is what lead him to do this, which I’m not sure about).

    If you decide to stay, I think it’s going to be a long road until you trust him again. But considering there was nothing physical and he was drunk, I think you could get there, assuming he works for it.

    Good luck!

  4. Marriage is scary. I

    In lots of places, it's a lot scarier to buy a house together or have kids if you're unmarried, unless you spend tons of money to be up-to-date with paper work (what lots of people don't do).

    It's pretty much the law, that men get fucked over, no matter what if the marriage ends.

    Have you got any sources for that? How are men getting “fucked over”? And please don't parrot that whole “men lose everything” crap.

  5. Honestly bro, you will never find someone who is 100% on the same page as you. Everyone is different. There will always be some things that you agree on, and some things you don't. No relationship or partner will ever be a perfect fit, and navigating those friction points is an important skill to learn.

    By what you've said, your partner has been open and healthy about this, and she's respected your boundaries. She doesn't consider this a big deal, and she's happy to move on.

  6. I would start with those 2 then… unfortunately it will be complicated but if you are invested in continuing the friendships, then it will take some effort to make a new situation and dynamic with them. Good luck!

  7. You're not overreacting imo. Demanding a paternity test is an accusation. There's no two ways about it. If he genuinely thinks that you are pregnant with someone else's baby, then your relationship is already over. Most likely, he just got this idea from some male rights influencer, but who knows.

  8. He did not ask to look into a conversation. He got full on mode and hired someone to find out if his wife cheatet. So, women hiring people to find out if thier husband cheats is also totally fine and not paranoid. Good. Great. I will remember tou saying that for the next relationship advice post were a man gets a angry he gets followed by his wife.

  9. I think you totally misread the friendship – when you made your feelings clear she made hers clear too. What you saw as flirting was probably just her being nice and you misread it… when you finally came clear she probably felt betrayed as the whole friendship was disingenuous (I’ve been that girl). To carry on messaging her after she has said to leave her alone is harassment.

  10. Literally calling people disagreeing with you hoes? Man that's pathetic behavior, do what you want in this relationship and have your boundaries and expectations, but don't shame people for having more trusting and secure relationships.

  11. Good friend of mine is in a relationship with a conspiracy nut like that. Do you want to bring her around family? friends? have children that believe that?

    Unfortunately you can’t bury your head in the sand here – the crazy will come out and it will be bad. I think you definitely made the right decision as hard as it is.

  12. Did you sign a contract giving her rights to use that footage? If not go to the police. There are likely laws against that kinda thing

  13. Why would you want to be with someone who calls you horrible names and treats you like trash? Mental health and addiction issues are not excuses to abuse people, leave this person to get healthy on his own and move on, you don’t deserve to be treated like this.

  14. my relationship is ending for something similar. weve been together 12 years…this year wouldve been 13. he pulled a 180 and went from being ok with adoption to wanting a biological child…he suddenly is moving too….caught me off guard…its like hes dead the change was so sudden. i have no advice except take it one step at a time and if hes open to therapy…see about going. i wish my relationship wouldn't end but i cant control my partner….heres hoping your guy will consider therapy and you guys can talk about this. my heart goes out to you….its excruciating pain.

  15. I lied, he is actually 24. I just didn’t want all the comments to be about the age gap but if everyones advice is going to be about him being young then I should come clean.

  16. Lol no. Youre not on meds or in therapy. Bc if you were, you wouldn't try to get pregnant knowing what the meds would do to the baby. Youre a terrible liar and the biggest tell is you refusing to acknowledge any of the actual advice that's been given to you on this post. You've only responded to people calling you out for being the troll you are. You aren't being serious. This is just a pathetic april fools post for some terrible karma farming. Its hard to lie to someone that has all the same shit you supposedly have and then some.

  17. Lord Have Mercy! This guy is 32 YEAR OLD and still behaves like a tamper throwing toddler!

    All because HE stayed up too late & forgot to set an alarm, so you could meet his friends. Do you cut up his meals for him? Tie his shoe laces? Change his nappies?

    Really you need to reassess this relationship. Are you willing to live like this, walking on eggshells, until the next time HE won’t take responsibility for his own actions & blames you? Truly you deserve better than this 30 year old toddler.

  18. Your bf hates a community to which you belong. This is like a Black woman dating a member of the Klan. What are you doing???

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