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  1. Well you have to ask yourself a few things. First, do you want to have him involved in your child's life? Have to decide that now because when that kid gets a little older, that is not good for their development to decide at that point if you want to introduce him and possibly not want anything to do with them after.

    Second, are you financially strapped? If not, then you don't need any support and revert back to the first question. If you are struggling, well as the father you can file for support whether you go through court or you two make an agreement.

    You also have the potential that it would be a major headache for custody and visitation. You havent told him, so to drop that news that he has another child may not open the reaction you want.

  2. NOPE, NO, NAH, any other word that mean no.

    As soon as someone disrespects you, it end games. people alway miss the what if, but that doesn’t mean it was good. we just don’t like change

  3. You do realise a breakdown of something major like a marriage is full of complex feelings, right?

    Like, if you got married in the first place it meant that y'all were into each other so much that in that moment marriage seemed like the best option for you because I'm pretty sure when people get married they don't do it with the intention of getting divorced in the future (if the marriage is out of love.)

    Even if someone is abusive or makes someone feel bad in a long term relationship/marriage the abused or belittled person can feel love/sadness/frustration/anger – ALL OF THOSE THINGS, towards one person. The fact that a part of her still wants a hug and to be comforted by you does not overwrite the fact that she's been pushed to the point of wanting a divorce from you.

    The fact she wants more than half the house is probably because of all the emotional suffering that you don't recognise that she's had to put up with for however long she's had to put up with being silenced by you in arguments, and you having digs at her mental health because of things like her crying when dealing with difficult things.

    I assure you her saying that she wants you to figure this shit out on your own now is probably because she's already answered your questions about what you've done to affect her, how you're affecting her, and how you could do better but you probably don't remember of it because of the heat of battl-I mean “argument”. There's only so many times people are willing to ride the merry-go-round before they just get tired of it.

    I'm a whole crybaby over here. I hate confrontation, and I find it difficult to express my inner feelings because I grew up in an emotionally abusive household so my go-to even as an adult is to internalise everything until I can't take it anymore. I've been with my partner for 6 years now, and even as a non-confrontational crybaby we still have things we disagree over and sometimes argue about, and sometimes I'll cry while having these conversations or arguments but my partner doesn't use it to make digs at me or as a reason to not discuss with me because I'm emotional. If my partner started throwing my mental health at me during a talk or argument because I was emotional I can guarantee you that a good 9 out of 10 women MINIMUM would think you're being a unfair dick in that moment.

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