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  1. My friend had a girl who didn’t like to sexual stuff most of the time but she loved doing sexual things in places they could get caught. Like in the back seat at night while her parents were driving. In public etc. he loved her and wanted to fuck her when he was able to so he obliged even if the majority of the time it was places he wasn’t usually that comfortable in.

    Guess you got to weigh how much you like her since it already seems like you’re okay getting off around other people it seems like you’ll be fine if you like her enough.

  2. IANAL but if your 3 year old ate an edible then there should be more than enough in his system for a positive drug test. Most urgent cares or ers will have a basic 5 panel drug test kit that will detect thc.

    Idk what will happen when your child tests positive, but you should be prepared for the outcome of a positive test

  3. That’s pretty crazy. Like, seriously it’s a pillow. I have back issues and I use one sometimes instead of my boyfriend even while we are sleeping in the same bed. It’s great for hip support. He sometimes does the same. It’s not like we hate cuddling with eachother – it’s quite the opposite. And when my boyfriend is gone I love taking naps with the body pillow because it takes up the space of another person and reminds me of him. I could understand if it was an anime one but you literally specified it’s a normal body pillow. If your wife is getting worked up about something THIS small, dude, what else is going on? Are you seriously going to put up with this? Ask yourself if you see the relationship being healthy and happy for both of you if the relationship continues this way. If not, try couples therapy. If that doesn’t work/your wife doesn’t want to try couples therapy then don’t keep wasting more of both of your time when you could be having happier and healthier experiences elsewhere and get a divorce. It’s not fun. It’s terrible to think about starting and many people just avoid divorce and settle for an unhappy marriage to avoid the trouble. As humans, we hate change. However, you don’t see those people living their best lives and they’re often unhappy. Do yourself a favor and know when to call it quits.

  4. So he was basically the reason why you have to find a new apartment and now he is mad bc you found a new one? You had no choice. What did he expect?

    Also, your boyfriend caused you to be kicked out of your apartment. Think long and hard about that before continuing with him.

  5. You're unsure about him, yet you love him. Ask yourself if this combination of person and situation is worth giving up. What are the chances of you finding the same or better? You may find other aspects that resemble what you have, and other factors may be reduced or gone. It's always going to be different.

    The next relationship may be very intense, but abusive. You may love the next “thing” not so much, but they are filthy rich.

    You may find yourself happy, and then you learn he betrayed you, well okay that may still happen in your current situation.

    Try to work on this.

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