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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. You need to get into counseling. It sounds like she's maybe really stressed or anxious, or at least something is going on thats making her feel overwhelmed.

    In the meantime do you have the means to hire someone to come in and help you with the kids? Either someone to babysit so you can take your wife out of the house and relax, or even someone to come help you pick up the house to take the stress off both of you?

  2. I'm not clear on your objections, because you're talking about ex-wives and boots and neighbors and shrieking.

    Did you say “no” because you don't like the daughter or want to do her hair? Is it because you know the ex-wife will pick a fight with you over it? Is it because you're worried about it turning out wrong?

  3. so instead of supporting your bf emotionally, you told him to get over himself and start acting more like some other guy? geeze, I'd be upset too if I was him :/

  4. There's nothing wrong with him not telling you he understood your language completely tbvh. My ex got mad cause her and her sisters had a made up language they'd speak in to talk shit about people. She was pissed when I understood it and never told her I knew her and her sisters were making fun of people behind their backs all the time when they talked like they did. Can't be mad I don't gotta reveal I know what yall are saying about me

  5. She lying… I’m sorry that your going through that but she’s lying to u and don’t rage please or act out in frustration which I know u are. Just stay calm and get to packing

  6. He’s cheating on you and actively going to gay bars in order to do so. He doesn’t love you the way you love him. He keeps lying so it’s very hard to believe he’s not lying about using protection and it doesn’t work always anyways. He likes men, you’re just convenient for him. May be harsh but it’s true, you can do better. If you stay, it’s going to keep happening.

  7. You have to take control of your insecurities, not force him to watch every movie and show like a 7 year old stuck with his parents lmao what if the woman in the movie is taller than you?

    Could that mean he's developed a sudden taste for rhe Amazonian, or perhaps just that that is the type of woman cast in the movie he's watching, and unless it's porn it has literally ZERO bearing on his actual attraction?

  8. If he continues to feel a painfull feeling i would suggest getting it checked. Good luck and lets hope its nothing

  9. His girlfriend shouldn't be going through his phone because she has trust issues. She shouldn't be in a relationship if she hasn't got past the B.S. And your friend has really weak boundaries.

  10. It's not her opinion about me I'm worried about. It's the allegations I know she will make when they start staying here. The mediator is basically forcing her to let the kids stay here when she has been adamant and still is adamant she doesn't want them to. That leads me to believe she will do everything she can to stop them coming here and the only way she could do that would be making false allegations

  11. Tell her that you had sex with him but don’t have to mention that you knew ahead of time that he was in a relationship. Save that discussion for you and your therapist.

    Just say what happened cut and dry

  12. depending on the time yes, but if it’s late he would usually just talk to me for an hour and end up falling asleep

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  14. It sounds like you may benefit from discussing your depression with a good therapist. (Not to make you want a relationship, but just because depression lowers both your quality of life and your physical health)

  15. Congratulations on the wedding. I think you should tell her. She deserves to know and he’s clearly not said anything. He’s a POS and I have to say I’m judging your friend Marissa too. She saw the ring and still went ahead with it. Can’t blame the alcohol either. I’d be looking for a new friend too.

  16. Are you sure you weren't drugged or someone slipped something in your drink? Blacking out for five hours is extreme.

  17. It's called weaponized incompetence, you need to have a talk with him about how unappreciated and disrespected you feel. He's a big boy now, it's time for him to start doing basic adult stuff like taking out the trash, and cleaning the tub after use. Rocket science it aint

  18. I know. I told him I’d be fine if he was only seeing other guys and I was only seeing other girls, I think.

    But at the end of the day, it’s about what HE needs and wants because this is knew to him.

  19. Being Bi is not some magical excuse to cheat.

    She is either in a loving and monogamous relationship or she is not.

    End of story.

  20. Thank you for being kind. The real mvp here. Yes it was just sitting out in plain sight, I wasn't snooping. How dare I be a curious human I guess. He actually has his CDL so it must be fairly well maintained. I just wanna be prepared since I've experienced others having seizures at a very young age and was in no way prepared and it was quite traumatizing. But I learned a lot after those experiences and wanna be of the utmost help for future incidents. Thx again.

  21. I want to look past it but I don’t know if this is a dealbreaker?

    You shouldn't, and it is. You're not talking about just political differences. You're talking about someone who ridicules you for your viewpoints. He's verbally abusive.

  22. No he’s a controlling groomer who is pissed his 18yo piece of ass doesn’t want to be controlled anymore

  23. This man said what he wants is more important than your health.

    He’s making the value he places on your literal life pretty clear, then verbally berating you into not wanting to run the risk.

    He is showing you exactly who he is. What other unilateral decisions will he make within your relationship??

    He’s never done this before, but he’s testing what you deal with. And the only person who can answer that is you.

  24. Several years ago, long before Reddit was a big thing, I was reading random forum posts on sexually satisfying your partner. One of the posts suggested while shagging put your finger up your partners bum hole and they will orgasm more intensely. I read this as a man and tried it on my partner at the time and she did seem to really enjoy it. I later found out this was meant as advice for a woman to try on a man which… I'll just say I have scar tissue in my nether region so that would only be painful and therefore isn't an option I have ever considered. I did see several comments on how great it made sex in that forum later.

    From where I stand, my partner doesn't believe a scrubby should touch your bum and be used ever again so she won't scrub herself and therefore I ain't too interested on putting anything in there be it finger or penis because she isn't willing to clean it properly. If my partner wanted me to peg them I would only give 1 warning “If I pull it out and there's any brown smear then this action is 100% never happening again” now mind you there is natural anal lube that has a brown color but it doesn't smell like poop so you need to allow for natural lube in the process.

  25. He does not care. I think it really is that simple. He doesn't know how to reciprocate because he doesn't feel empathy for you, he sees you as an obstacle and his mother, but not a partner.

    He doesn't love you. He is over the NRE and this is the type of effort you can expect going forward.

    But I would never be with someone who decided the entire household was my responsibility alone and called it “chores” and “nagging” to be reminded that you share that responsibility and emotional labour.

    At this point he can do therapy and do some reading about emotional labour, but that's if he wants to change. It doesn't sound like he does. It sounds like he's comfortable with the way things are, but still expects you to be his bangmaid and meet all of his needs. That's not how a relationship works and as you say it's a recipe for a burnout. Your standards are allowed to be higher for this when it comes to your happiness.

  26. Ideally yes. But I don't know that the convo would have not turned into him making you change your mind. He seems to have a clear cut view of what needs to be done and your input sounds superfluous at best, unwelcome at worst.

    There are 2 people in a relationship and you should therefore both be able to have your needs and wants heard. Do you feel it currently is the case?

  27. I actually have a sneaking suspicion of this too. You're the first person to bring this up but I've been considering this being a very real possibility. Thanks for backing that up.

  28. I mean… yeah, right? She didn’t want to have sex but she says she “caved”, so that means she consented. Even if she didn’t really want to, he didn’t force her to say yes, didn’t coerce her. I’d say this isn’t rape, just a miscommunication. If you don’t want morning sex just say so. If you’re bratty in bed, have a safe word so he knows when you legit don’t want it.

  29. You need to get yourself into counseling.

    You can't change your dad. That is the simple truth. He's an adult, who knows what his decisions will lead to. There's nothing you can do. You can either love him despite it, or go LC/NC and wash your hands of the situation.

    But your extreme reaction (disgust, contempt, hatred) isn't good for you, although understandable, and it's probably a result of grief/anger. That's why you, and your siblings, need counseling.

    I am curious if your opinion of your father is or will affect your view of fat people that are strangers. Because at that your point your reactions are extremely unhealthy (no different than children of alcoholics having extreme reactions to alcoholic strangers, or any other vice/sin). It's a symptom of a deeper issue, and you owe it to yourself to heal before these feelings corrupt you and turn you bitter despite being so young.

  30. Every time I try to break up with her, she threatens me with s*icide. She's admitted that it's a bluff, but in those moment it's really scary. :/

  31. Many men and women have timelines in their heads for living together, marriage, kids, etc. That's a very normal thing. Many couples talk about this stuff early in the relationship, so that's very normal, too.

    You guys just aren't on the same page, and that's okay.

  32. She should have been told as a young child that the OP was her stepmother. You can’t spring this on an adult and not expect shock and freaking out.

  33. why are young men avoiding marriage? See above. Still hung up and mr bad boy and he knows it. Right drink, right place, right time and….I am so sorry, it just kind of happened. If you have any integrity OP delete and forget.

  34. Yep. Reads like she really wants his house and steady income. I'd drop her yesterday especially after her 'pregnancy scare'. I wouldn't take her word for the fact that she's on BC and her doctor checked that it's working. She sounds like a green-card wannabe to me.

  35. Sit her down and say this can’t happen again or it’s over. If you don’t trust her to keep her word on this matter, just find a new partner.

  36. Sorry but no means no. Sorry you’ve had the trauma of SA and it can effect your relationships but you should not be a victim, even from a bf or marital partner. And being an alcoholic sponge is no excuse for bad behavior of any kind. Hope you work this out to feel safe.

  37. The only possible explanation I can think of is because the pillow came from a female friend? Maybe there’s some implication he’s got an unhealthy attachment to the friend…

    Nope I’m still not sure this makes sense…

  38. Tell him “touching romantically another woman is cheating and you are trying to manipulate me so you can do whatever you please without problems from me and that is never going to happen, you can't play me and you can't trick me. Maybe I should stop respecting you so much because it was so easy for you to try win something out of it. Strip clubs and the what not is cheating!!! You don't want to accept that then I will leave you when someone better comes up! Also there are better ways to communicate with me that you want a blow job and I would be more happy to comply to please you, the way you went with was totally hurtful and disrespectful and you made me not even wanting to have sex with you anymore “. There….. and you should learn to communicate better about sex. There is nothing to be ashamed of!!!! You have to talk of what you like and what you don't like….and of course make efforts!!!! Update us!!!!

  39. Being naked is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Sexting behind your back is something to be ashamed of.

    You know what he did. He told you because he had no choice. He is more worried about what other people think of him, than of his integrity. The embarrassing aspect of this is his use of you.

    This scammer did you a solid favor.

  40. It was a test of manhood from what I can tell. OPs dad showed him the hard way that he’s not capable of defending himself, let alone his gf or a potential kid. Also the added humiliation of making sure the gf is now acutely aware of her man’s lack of physical prowess.

  41. IMO his texts make sense. He’s saying he didn’t want to invite you over because he dated his roommates friend a short time ago but he’s thinking about bringing you home anyway.

    Doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you, IMO. Sounds like he wants to get to know you or at least to get some action (hence the « let me know if you have the room to yourself »). If you’re scared of being heartbroken, maybe you could ask him out for drinks at first, not necessarily going back to someone’s place.

  42. I wish I could have my own bed that would be such a great solution 😭 we live in a city so our flat is tiny, we don't even have a dining table.

  43. Tell him the truth , he deserves it, If you keep the truth from him you are even a bigger piece of shit than you already are.

  44. Tell him his penis reminds you of a baby carrot. See how he feels. He was being an idiot. ..and maybe blind. Possibly not hurtful on purpose but.. ffs. Between men commenting on weight, breasts and vulva, we're fucking it all up. Read the script gents!

  45. Average western is 5.1-5.5. One source with great data says the average length of the penis is 5.2 inches and average girth is 4.6 inches

  46. Nope. The comment he makes isn’t a statement about his feelings. It’s a judgement about how women feel and demand that women not express those feelings since they affect him.

    This is not good or healthy communication. It is not on women to help him with this. This is something to seek therapy for if he wants a relationship with women. I’m going to repeat that for you. It is not women’s responsibility to help men learn how to express emotions. It is their responsibility to learn that.

  47. I hope she leaves you and finds a man 10x better, may all you socks get lost and may you never feel joy again

  48. It hurts, for sure. And of course, anytime you show emotions or pain as a guy, you get labeled. That's the worst part and it's what prevented me from getting therapy in high school for trauma I sustained in childhood. I hope you learned brother. I hope you found someone that treats you better. I've been talking to someone for a few weeks now, she seems to be a better match.

  49. Oh yeah they always get thrown out regardless of the stain. My sheets in my bachelor days would get sweat stains lol, even they'd get tossed

  50. He’s a loser. It sounds like he doesn’t respect you. That kind of behavior would be a dealbreaker for me.

  51. Sorry it went on so long that I guess that got kind of lost in the confusion. I edited to ask for advice at the beginning

  52. I and my girlfriend took a 2 weeks break and she was worried I would get bored.

    Either she was worried you might entertain yourself with another woman, or maybe she was distracting you while she was with a man. OR she was just looking out for you with a kind gesture. Who knows.

  53. She's welcome to smoke weed if she wants. If that makes you uncomfortable, don't date someone who smokes weed. You can't go into a relationship expecting them to change their lifestyle for you. That's unhealthy

  54. Even if he paid with cash, he still needs to pay for tax, HOA, home insurance.

    Idk where OP is, but I've seen really high $$$ HOA monthly payments. This is why I avoid HOA like a plague.

    But yeah, you can't avoid paying property tax. Heck, our property tax amounts to $700 a month right now, it's still going up every year.

  55. Either send her packing back to family or else a woman's shelter. Where was she living before she hooked you? If she threatens to kill her self tell her you'll call the police and have them do a welfare check, this is a manipulative tactic of controlling people.

  56. Not if he isn’t willing to learn, which he has made clear he isn’t. Why would you want to beg someone to show you basic human decency?

  57. Yea Ik it’ll be tough but how should I bring it up? Im not sure how to talk about the topic without her feeling bad for being open about her issues

  58. There seems to be this kind of weird subconscious mentality in a lot of people that it's not ok to leave a relationship unless the other person actually does something “bad”, especially in women where we're kind of conditioned to not want to hurt people's feelings. I think that's why we see a lot of what amounts to “can somebody give me permission to walk away?” type posts.

  59. Dude, waaaaaay too much investment for one date, ghosting is shit, but damn dude “emotionally moving on from her”, your layered metaphors, your deep gushy adjectives. This post has strong days of summer vibes. Million reasons, excuses and events that could describe her lack of comms, but man your energy is HUGE for one date.

  60. Honestly I'd say it's immaterial at this point.

    The point of what she said, however, was to hurt you. Whether true or not, that was her intention. And all because you wouldn't/couldn't pick up her slack.

    Easier said than done, but I'd suggest letting it go and going no contact with your cousin. At the very least, she's going out of her way to try and hurt you and at worst she DID go out of her way to hurt you.

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