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  1. I think it's important to know WHY she hates your beard. If she just likes clean shaven faces, then that's her preference, and it's always gonna be an issue in your relationship.

    I love facial hair on a man. Especially a full beard. It's very “manly” to me. But, I am a beard snob. I don't like overgrown beards that are not well groomed. Bushy, unkempt, unruly, looks like pubic hair beards are gross and a sign of depression in that man. 99.9% of the men I've dated who did not take care of their beard, were depressed. One man let his nose hairs grow into his mustache, and then the mustache grew into his beard. I draw the line at kissing nose hairs!

  2. He won’t change. You AREN’T the bad guy. He’s a really really crappy hour friend.

    It’s obvious that you’re unhappy with him. I think you know that.

    Take care of yourself. You’re better off without him. I promise that someone better will come along that will treat you the way you deserve. They’ll actually remember your birthday and put in work to make sure you feel special.

    This guy’s not the one. Trust me.

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