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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Document what you can. Take photos of any marks or bruises and send them to a trusted friend, doctor, or you family in case he tries to delete them from your phone. DO NOT SHOWER. If you can, call the police and have them come to the house so you can leave and get a rape kit done. If you cannot call, come up with an excuse to leave and then go to a hospital or police station. They will know what to do to help you. Make sure you write everything down in as much detail as you can manage.

  2. I’m sorry but you knew he was cheating on this girl, you know the one that’s so important to him that he doesn’t want to lose?

    He’s putting a lot of blame on you. You didn’t know he had a girlfriend. And now he is accusing you of potentially sabotaging his new relationship.

    This man is delusional. Sorry for you. But please do not feel responsible for any of this.

  3. If yall only dated for nine months, I feel like it makes sense for him to reach out to friends he’s known for a long time. Maybe he’s not emotionally available to talk to you at the moment.

  4. I’m married, have a few friends and some family – and still like I have no one. People being present isn’t always a solution.

  5. He got her pregnant so good chance he was fucking her raw and then came home to you and put your health at risk without a care in the world. Is that someone you want to be with? Get a STD test and a good lawyer.

  6. I don't know, I never questioned his spending because it's not my money to make that decision. It crossed my mind if he would have any money left, but I didn't say anything.

  7. When you say things like it's dishonest and disrespectful for not acquiescing then say you're paranoid and feeling friction…read between the lines. This is not a chill conversation. Chill conversations don't start or end that way

  8. Its definitely a red flag, and I also think you will always wonder and be insecure. Every year, every gray hair, every wrinkle will give you anxiety. It would at least for me and I’m not sure I would like to live my life like that. And yes, it shows weird attitudes towards women to only date younger ones. He likes them young, attractive, and probably easier to control/influence.

  9. You wanted advice, but you’re just here to argue with people in the comments and give your husband the silent treatment until he gives in.

    Your husband doesn’t want to start to be a cash register for your family which is entirely understandable, so either tell him the whole story or you go get a job to help your sister. Even if you tell him he’s entirely within the right to refuse and not want to start lending your family money.

  10. Please get out of there. If you don't live with him, just tell him to stop contacting you or you will call the police. Insisting you take off your clothes and beg for forgiveness can be classified as sexual assault/psychological abuse in many areas of the world.

    Please just leave, certainly you have friends of family that can help you. Go to them and ask for support.

  11. I think she's heading towards a break up. Maybe staying with you for a few months on the visitor visa first would be a good idea? I think that committing to the study given the conversations you have had with her would be foolish.

  12. I was in the kitchen washing my hands and I turned around and her mom ripped her shirt and she only had her bra on! Then she ripped the bra. She grabbed one of her boobs and hit me in the face. My head hit the back of the counter and I fell on the floor. Then she took both of her boobs and started reapeatly hitting me on the head with them. I tried to crawl away but she kept hitting me. I eventually got on my feet, using the counter, but I ended up knocking over the rice my girlfriend was cooking, the pot fell on the floor.

    That's assault, brotha

  13. I beg to differ; equal standing is a huge crux of successful poly relationships because without it, there can be little foundation for fair treatment and proper respect. And a lot of the problems here have arisen because the GF clearly either doesn't care as much for her husband, or she doesn't particularly care much for either.

    “Gf is just avoiding conflict; that's typical human behavior and isn't inherently malicious or disrespectful.”- Disagree, the whole way she has treated her BF is disrespectful. If you really care about someone, you don't buddy up with someone who is treating them badly and ignore how they're feeling.

    I'm not a particularly confrontational person, but if someone was treating my partner this way? It'd be an absolute no-brainer for me to defend them and confront the other person. And not because its easy, but simply because when you really care about someone, you care about how they feel.

    If you have to fight for fair & decent treatment in a relationship, its not a good relationship.

  14. First get a paternity text to determine whether or not the child is yours. If not, get away from this toxic mess as far as possible.

  15. I’m planning to, her boyfriend and I talked about it and he’s going to take one when the baby is born, if it comes back negative I’ll take one

  16. It takes a different kind of guy to accept it. I am kind of with him on this, since I don't define folks bu their jobs.

    I dont think most guys would be ok with it.

  17. He didn’t bring it up because he knew you would be upset. Which is not necessarily right, but if I were in his shoes, I’d feel like you’re trying to control aspects of my life. Like is he allowed to jerk off without porn? Or can he jerk off to pictures of you?

  18. So you took advatage of her for her care of you when you were doing poorly health wise, and now that you feel better, you're going to dump her, when she's in a bad financial spot. Awesome.

  19. Previous sexual assault incident and diagnosis with PTSD, according to your psychologist. She refused consistent talk therapy after I suggested it after she disclosed some concerning thoughts and claimed her therapist wouldn't understand chronic illness. I did notice some mood swings not directed toward me before endo started acting up. She was on hormone injections while we were dating, and she explained what it did. Mood swings included constantly talking poorly of others, and constant anxious behaviour, such as checking doors, car locks, etc., which I attributed to the sexual assault incident. Many dramatic family incidents and constant shifting of identity from wanting to go to australia for dentist school, wanting to move elsewhere for a job and then proceeding to hate her job and question why she choose such career path if she cannot even take care of herself.

  20. It's crazy that people here immediately go and diagnose people to excuse their behaviors. Some people are just shitty! Not everything is an underlying condition.

  21. Also a nude bar sounds like an std factory. Like can you imagine sitting on all those surfaces that everyone’s bare genitals have been on?!?

  22. Then tell her that if she is unwilling to do counseling, and goes ahead and cheats on you with a woman, the marriage will be done. You will not be cheated on by a woman or a man, and if she does not like her marriage vows anymore,then you can start a divorce now. You deserve better than this sortie manipulation, or a woman that does not care about your feelings. She has a lot of nerve.

  23. Yes, you've fucked yourself. Any money you have put into this restaurant will probably have to be written off. Do you have a written agreement with your boyfriend -business partner?

    This plan where you do all the work in the restaurant except cooking means you will lose the income from your other work. This is very risky for you. If your boyfriend was going to pay you for working you should probably insist he hire one or more people to replace you. Isn't your existing income worth more than a restaurant staff wage?

  24. I'm gearing up to confront an ex-best friend at a wedding this weekend. Well, not confront. After close to six years after shit hit the fan and I just sort of peace'd out of her life (and then last year when she started telling mutual friends she wouldn't turn up to events I was at because ??? – they asked me why, I told them the last time I'd spoken to her was five years previous and had no fucking idea). But she's the sort of person who I think is going to be like 'we need to talk' and I've been practicing what I think is the perfect phrase, “I wish you all the best, but I'm not interested in being part of your life.” I don't think there's any way to respond to that. Do the same with this friend, “Thanks for reaching out, but I've no interest in being part of your life. All the best.” Then, block again.

  25. Sex lives are different for everyone, some get it daily, some once a month but you should not have sex with someone after surgery if it's painful especially if you don't want it as well. It's a young relationship, write up the pros and cons and take your feelings into account because you don't want to be stuck in a miserable relationship if you can get out sooner rather than later

  26. For starters, tell her your concerns, going in to this with all that going through your head how are you going to enjoy it?

    Beyond that I don’t know, on here it’s not often spoken of in a positive way, but that’s also because people don’t come on here to say how awesome their relationship is going.

    That said if your not 100% sure then why not wait till you are?

  27. So you insulted him implicitly by saying he shouldn’t give relationship advice, he didn’t react but responded lovingly by complimenting and kissing you. Then you insulted him explicitly by saying you only wanted him for his money, making sure it landed this time and he couldn’t dismiss it. You literally said in easier circumstances you wouldn’t have looked at him twice. Humiliating him in front of a friend who probably previously admired your relationship to ask him for advice. Now you’re acting surprised he’s hurt. He’s still handling it fairly graciously in my honest opinion by just being sad instead of angry. You can’t blame him for having any reaction when you kept pushing for one by saying increasingly hurtful things. If it genuinely wasn’t your intention to sabotage your relationship then maybe consider counselling to work out why you’d subconsciously do that because you did it pretty effectively if you weren’t even trying. You need to work on your issues in a genuine way, a weekend away is not going to cut it.

  28. Sometimes things that seems obvious to you are not obvious to someone else. Even a heads up that certain actions are invitations make a world of difference. For example, I never sleep naked so I thought that sleeping naked would be an obvious cue to my husband. Turns out, he just thought I was literally hot and was naked to be more comfortable. I had to use my words and let him know that my being naked in bed was an invitation to wake me up for sexy time. Use your words. “Honey, if I'm walking around in lingerie it's because I'm trying to entice you.”

  29. Girl, you need to yeet the whole man.

    That is a red flag. It's controlling, and it's obsessive. He's a grown-ass adult, ffs, if he can't understand why a person wants some me-time then that says he's not interested in your interior life, only his own conveniences.

    I would not love it if apartner had one weekend a month to themselves, but I would understand it, and I would support it. Because what that says is that you know how to practice self-care and look after your mental health, and anyone who wants to interfere in that is not respecting your autonomy.

    I mean, you started this before he came along, you've thrived becaue of it, you were upfront with him about it, and he wants to take it away from you?


  30. After i told him i didn’t want to sit at his place alone he did choose to spend time with me instead of her but i think it’s the first thought that counts and he knew he had plans with me because we made them about 3 weeks prior and he made his plans with her this monday so yeah

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