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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. He sexually assaulted you.

    Full stop.

    Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Go get checked right now for tears as that can cause serious issues for you.

    Also, you may want to consider filing charges.

  2. This is such a huge fucking deal breaker. He raped you. He got what he wanted as someone else has said, after he kept harassing you to do it. He proved he cannot be trusted and guaranteed he will ask again because he’ll feel that you already did it and you’ll get over if.

  3. Your mom is the way she is and did the things she did in accordance with her own trauma as well. It's not a justification or an excuse it's an understanding. Your parents don't do things to be negative to their child. No parent is like I want to breed resentment in my kid and act in ways they will forever negatively remember.

    At 28, you're really starting to see your parents as humans just like you without the answers, which can cause some resentment as you would have done this that or the other thing for ever negative trauma you know you received from their actions. Well, at the time and maybe even to this day, they dont know they caused that.

    Your first sentence blames her for being a victim of father abandonment, which affects you too, but still, she's to blame from your father's actions?

    Now clearly, there's much more to this, and yeah, she's 100% caused trauma onto you, but sometimes we take things that others see as small and make them huge.

  4. Oh, just the comments where you said you’re planning to ask your brother to take her on weekends & that if someone else can be a better parent for her that that’d be good.

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