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  1. Dude. You are so young, it's time to call it quits and find yourself.

    This relationship isn't working. You're not compatible and she's so into the lesbian experience that she doesn't want to have the oral boundaries.

    Serious conversation time. You will not have sex with her unless she sticks to the set boundaries. No solo experiences and you need to stick around so you can check she's adhering to the boundaries.

  2. Hope this is a troll

    The age gap is gross. When you are his age you will understand. Also — if he is your supervisor you should tell HR and he should be fired.

    Getting involved w/ a married person is also gross — that's on you as well. Of course he is using you for sex.

    Realize there is a 99.99% change he is lying about his wife. She is probably very nice and has no idea her husband is a lying POS who is betraying his family. Understand that a married person portraying their significant other in a bad light to gain sympathy and rationalize their betrayal is literally the oldest trick in the book people into having affairs. It's cheater 101.

  3. It’s easy to love someone, because you can grow to love someone out of familiarity. It’s harder to be loyal, and this man has shown no loyalty to you. In my mind he doesn’t deserve your love if he isn’t willing to make an effort to make you feel loved back.

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