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  1. Parrots are just bored and repeating sounds they’ve heard. If your daughter said that phrase often in the past it’s just repeating it to amuse itself.

    At least that’s what I’ve read about them.

  2. I’ve been into kink and domming men for about 15 years. You can be dominant without calling people names. Matter of fact – racial slurs are ALWAYS off the table for me and any partners past, present, or future. What she is saying is abhorrent and not okay. Being racist isn’t a kink. You are better than that. There should not ever have to be more than one conversation about that. Good people don’t call someone they love the n word during sex when they know the history behind the word and when they actually love someone. What she’s doing is not something you consented to. Tell her to piss off because you deserve so much better.

  3. There's really no reason at all to stay in the relationship. Go take a quick straw poll of married couples and ask how many of them had accused their partner of rape at some point in the relationship.

  4. My last therapist suggested group therapy but I don’t think they would agree to do it so I guess there’s no use in trying to mend.

    I think I plan to cut them out for the most part. And I think you’re right. I already have feelings of being a burden and knowing I left them with even more pain will just add to it.

  5. To me it sounds like these ages should be reversed. You've been acting more mature than he is.

    This again proves that age does not equal maturity.

    Either way, don't waste your youth on this guy.

    He is going to end up betraying you.

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