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  1. I didn't identify it as a theocracy nor spirituality, I called it a belief. Though I admit that, now rereading what I wrote, by saying “as any other form of” I guess I did make that implication. Unintentional mistake. I agree with what you're saying.

    Gonna leave the original comment unedited so these replies keep context.

  2. Honestly, it isn't even if he did drugs or not that would bother me, it's the complete lack of respect towards you. I wouldn't want to be with someone who did something like that to me personally.

  3. It's not like I disappeared for days, I was texting, I still made time for her yesterday.

    The truth is, even if you had disappeared for days, it would be completely reasonable and understandable under the circumstances. A caring person – nevermind a partner – would not be making themselves the priority right now. A caring person would text you every evening or two and say “Thinking of you and hope you got some rest today. Love you.” or something similar. But they would not be throwing a snit fit because you aren't texting or calling enough. They would not be putting pressure on you to fulfill some sort of 'communication quota' while you're in the thick of this.

    In short, you do not have a caring, understanding, empathetic partner. Is this the first sign of that in 2.5 years or have you always just kind of accepted that she acts 'spoiled' or however it's been characterized?

  4. Why do you want to date people you have to fix?????????????????????? I know that's a lot of question marks but I am seriously confused. Therapy would be amazing for you.

  5. Talk to therapist. Both alone and couples. Make rules you both have to follow. Learn to trust each other again.

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